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 Perilia, [x] Dragon || Female
Species:Groundrake Dragon:
Appearance:user posted image:
Personality:Slow to trust, and wary of humanoids, Perilia tends to be anti-social. Her only true contact with another living being besides for food would be her son, Zinnos. A hot temper, and extremely opinionated, if she were to find something she disagreed with, she’d be the first to attack, no questions asked. Motherly, she tries not to be too overbearing on her only living child, but finds that difficult, knowing what happened to her others. Definitely has trust issues, and dislikes her son being away from her view for more than a couple hours at most. If one should gain her friendship, nothing would stop her from keeping them safe, or mothering them as well.:
History:Perilia was born in a clutch of three as not only the largest, but also the only female. Luckily for her, it was a good idea to be female at birth. Her childhood was learning how to survive, due to an organization which she has done a great deal to learn how to forget their name. They painstakingly bred, raised, and culled dragons for anything valuable: scales, teeth, etc. For a hundred years, she was groomed for motherhood, and in her one-hundred first year laid her first clutch, three beautiful eggs. All were male, but she didn’t know that it was usually only the males that got culled. Known as one of the sweetest females, she was often let free reign. Until after her fourth clutch, after she’d had nothing but male children, that she realized… wait, where are they? Upon asking the other dragons, and finding out that her babies had probably *died*... She was slightly… upset, understandably. Growing bitter, she lashed out with her spiked tail, earning chains that kept her tied to a wall of her part of the cave. She laid a single egg in her fifth clutch, and unsurprisingly hatched it into a cute little male groundrake. She bided her time, and when her son turned four, she rebelled along with most of the other females. They won, but Lia didn’t allow them to take off her chains. Not yet, she would say. For eight years the group of dragonesses attacked the rest of this organization, eventually eradicating all of them, and freeing the mothers. Everyone went their separate ways, not really knowing what was out there. As for Perilia, she took her son, then twelve years old, and went to live in evylon. The pair found themselves in the Empire of Halgia, and settled in a 'small' house in Argenpel, though Perilia either never leaves or is never there, prefering to explore, though she had her necklaces enchanted to keep out the negative effects of the magestorms. Still, Lia refuses to remove the chains on her back two legs and tail, as a reminder to herself that humans and most other humanoids are not to be trusted, despite living with them.:
Abilities:Psion-Lia is an extremely powerful Psion, with a form of telekinesis. Not only can she pick up and move objects, but also people, sometimes against their will. She can also enter the minds of said individual, and attempt to take control of the body. It completely stills both hers and the others bodies, and requires them to be within visual range. Within this time, both are vulnerable to physical attacks, as they are battling within a mental realm. The only ability they have within this battle is physical ones they have, and though she has *some* physical strength, she is more of a dodger, and moves swiftly to try and tire an opponent. If either are injured, that injury will carry over. Should either ‘die’, the one who wins controls the body, though obviously the body remains intact, and should Lia win, she will draw magical energy from the body to stay in this form, and can do whatever she wishes. Once the body runs out of energy, she draws from her own reserves, until both are completely drained. Should she lose, she falls unconscious for up to ten minutes, regaining enough strength to at least run away. :
Kin:Unknown(Mother/Died in battle)
Unknown(Father/Was Culled)
Unnamed Hatchlings(Sons, 11/All Culled)
Zinnos(Son/Alive and well)

(NOTE:This is an Image I took from Verri with her permission)

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Aurum(Thundering hooves)
Ashanta/Ishizu(Forgotten together)
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One/Two/Three(Old friends and new places)
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