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 Aeliana, [x] Felris || Female
Name: Aeliana

Allingment Neutral

Gender: Female

Species: Felris

Age: 100

Size: 5. foot 8

Abilities Psions: Aeliana has the ability to cast whole groups of people into a deep sleep. While this power doesn't take much out of her normally if forced to cast more then five or 10 people to sleep it can cause a "backlash" of sorts and disorientate her and cause her feel locked in a dream-like state.

Reliant as she is on her own physical ability to get her out of situations, Aeliana is a formidable fighter, as strong as some dragons she is well versed in unarmed combat, her favored weapon, however, is a set of dragonsung leaf shaped double-edged knives although she does carry a sword for those times when knives just won't do it. Her sword is a single edged blade, the sharpened side curves at the tip towards the straight edge of the other side of the blade. She named it Killer.


Can't defend against magic or other Psions abilities unless she is able to cast them to sleep before they do something to her.


Tall with a coat as black as night, Aeliana has silver strips running all over her body. Although bipedal, Aeliana is still very cat-like with full feline facial features and perfect pointed ears with tufts at the tips and violet eyes.

Normally dressed in tight black pants, tight knee-high boots and a dark green form-fitting sleeveless vest and a forest green long coat she cuts a striking figure to those few who ever get to see her.


After Aeliana moved away from her family when she was 26, she started to travel through the realms, stopping in the major cities to find a living... and buy living she is the best cat burglar the realms have ever seen. Going by the Moniker of Shadow she has stolen some of the rarest and greatest treasures from basically every city yet none have ever seen her face or even seen her at the scene of a crime.

Taking delight in well thought out plans and gifted with the patience of an un-blinking basilisk she can stalk her "prey" for months without ever losing her focus. Intelligent, quiet and serious about her work, she takes pride in what she does and believes that there is honour in a job well done.

Her nomadic life and nocturnal career has left her with few (no) friends and although she does find herself wishing more and more for the company she has trouble trusting anyone long enough for them to get close to her.

Not especially moral, or un-moral Aeliana believes more in doing things the best way to get the job done rather than any one right or moral way.

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