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 Lorcan Salvaterre, [x] Shar || Male
Name: Lorcan Salvaterre

Gender: Male

Species: Shar

user posted image
(all credit goes to artist)

Figure: Lorcan is broad-shouldered and very muscular.

Height: 6’ 7”

Abilities: What Lorcan lacks in magic, he makes up with his muscularity and skill with weapons. However, he hasn’t completely lost touch with his Shar heritage; he mainly utilizes throwing stars and small knives as his primary weapons of choice.
(See history for why Lorcan doesn’t have the out-of-control powers that most male Shar have.)

History: When Lorcan was born, his mother was horrified to find him to be male, but she did not have the heart to kill him. So instead, she cast him away, onto a river. A N’vaen sorceress named Ezra, travelling close to the same river, found Lorcan screaming, crying, and causing a ruckus at the bank of it; in his fit of rage, he was controlling animals—causing them to fly, kill each other, go into a mating frenzy with animals of another species.

The N’vaen, recognizing Lorcan as as male Shar and with the vision of him as her son, cast a sleeping spell on the babe and took him into her arms. It struck her that he strongly resembled her deceased pairbond, Larcona, so at once she named him “Lorcan.”

Ezra took him back to her home in Kurai and the first thing she did was research; she needed to find a way for Lorcan to control his power. There was no way that she was going to be able to do so, so the sorceress did the next best thing:

She took his power away.

Lorcan grew up knowing that he was a male Shar; he never knew why he didn’t have their powers. Ezra raised him, trained him, schooled him, and eventually let him go, but the N’vaen never told Lorcan why he was not out of control.

Personality: Kind and outgoing, Lorcan is someone that goes out of his way to be kind to others. This demeanor has made him quite the ladies’ man—both because of his appearance and his mannerisms.
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