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 Valerian, [x] Elf || Male
Name: Valerian

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Elf, Vystrian/Evylonian

Age: 90 (equvelant to 22 years)

Size: 5.6 foot


Adept at Archery and throwing knives

Healing/Reverse Healing


Close range fighting:

While he can brawl ok enough to not be beaten to a pulp anything beyond that and he needs some backup.

Earth Elements

Rune Magic:

Can't defend well against rune enhanced or enchanted weapons or other items.


While not as tall nor as slimly built as his Evylonian father, he has still retained some Evylonian features. His eyes are bright Emerald green and his skin a fair toned when not tanned. His hair is a dark caramel brown which he keeps short in the Vystrian style.

Valerian's, clothes show elements of both his mothers and his father's cultures; he wears a dark green long coat trimmed in light silver grey with a white shirt and dark patterned grey vest beneath. Tucked beneath an elbow is a case of five throwing blades. Black pants tucked into soft boots follow. Over his shoulder, he keeps his unstrung longbow and quiver.


The only son of travelling healers Arora and Valen, Valerian grew up travelling through the forests of Evylon helping his parents heal the woodland creatures and those in small isolated villages.

When Valerian was just 40 years old he came upon Lithan and Tovran, two feylizard sized dragons, while out looking for a fever herb for his mother. Valerian bumped into the newly arrived Milliand dragons who had been Portaled by their parents during an attack and after waiting for a time they decided to move away and find food. Taking an instant liking to each other the three became instant friends.

The Bond with Tovran and Lithan was formed when he was 75. The merchant caravan that his family were travelling with was attacked by a large group of bandits. During the attack, a man broke away from the main fighting and attacked his father, during the stress of the moment Valerian did the only thing he could think of to protect his family, he reached out for his healing abilities and used them upon the man to re-open his old wounds, killing him.

Afterwards, when the bandits had been beaten off, his tearful mother asked him to leave them after the way that he had used his healing abilities to kill the man. Using his healing powers for such an act went against everything that healers believe.

Now a Dragon rider to two Bonds, Lithan and Tovran, Valerian, took to exploring the realms and occasionally fighting the Faction.

Tough, adaptable, Valerian is mentally older than his age would lead you to think. Practical when it comes to facing the reality of a situation, normally peaceful and willing to lend his healing abilities to any who need them, none the less if cornered or if one of his Bonds are in danger he will fight using everything that he has even if that means taking a life.

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