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 Lithan, [x] Dragon || Male
Name: Lithan

Alignment Neutral - Light

Gender: Male

Species: Dragon, Western

Age: 100 (quevelant to 25)

Size: The size of a small Feylizard



Mentally protects the group, keeping their minds protected against telepathic attacks or just simply unwanted attention.

Reiatsu shields.


Physical fights

Wind Element

Dreamsage abilities


As small as a feylizard, Lithan is pure gold in colouring. Shining with Psiona energy Lithan shimmers as he moves. With striking tawny eyes, he is not easy to not notice. Appart from his diminutive size Lithan is more slender and longer of body than most westerns, he also one long whisker just below each nostril.


Lost and alone after his parents tossed him through a portal, Lithan talked his brother Tovran, into wandering off into the nearest forest to find food. There they found Valerian who he liked the instant that he saw him. A calm and peaceful mind, Valerian became a second mental home for Lithan.

Valerian's fun loving, adventurous nature brought Lithan out of his reclusive inner looking nature, discovering his new realm through the eyes and mind of Valerian brought about a love for new cultures and meeting new people in him.

Refusing to leave his friend when the merchant caravan they were travelling with was attacked, Lithan bonded to Valerian during the stress of the violent and drawn out fight.

Calm, thoughtful, the diplomat and voice of reason of the trio, Lithan's joy of knowledge and automatic respect for others and other cultures tempers the worst aspects of Trovan's and Valerian's personalities.

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