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 Tovran, [x] Dragon || Male
Name: Tovran

Alignmentt Neutral

Gender: Male

Species: Dragon, Western/Circadian

Age: 100 (quevelant to 25)

Size: The size of a Feylizard


Battle Reiatsu (none elemental):

Tovran uses his strong Reiatsu abilities for fighting and only for fighting. He can come out with anything from blasts of pure razor sharp Reistsu to forming wild balls of energy that will rip apart anything caught in the polarizing forces within.



can't create his own shielding and it takes a great amount of energy to break down someone else's shield.

Close-Quarter combat

Earth Element


The first thing that is notable about Tovran's appearance is his size. Like his brother, he is no bigger than a Feylizard and more than comfortably fits upon his Riders, Valerian's, shoulder. Pitch black with a violet shimmer to his scales, Varth also has the slim, long body that resembles an eastern dragon. Lacking the whiskers that his brother has, instead Tovran has a set of four spines along his jaw on either side of his head.


More wary of the new world than his brother, Tovran took a while to agree to leave the Millirand connection point and venture into the surrounding forests. Once there and they had met Valerian he was the one that cautioned trusting the elven boy, but his weariness was soon worn away when he found a kindred spirit in valerian.

Adept at throwing knives and the bow, Valerian was also willing to sit and talk battle tactics and re-play out historical battles using coloured stones with Tovran for hours.

Loyal to a fault, Tovran stayed during the caravan attack to protect his brother and Valerian. Bonding with Valerian during the stress of his first real fight.

More suspicious then Valerian or Lithan, Tovran is the tactician of the group. With on eye always looking out for something that could go their way or against them. Loyal to any who gain his trust, Tovran is a fighter and a brilliant dragon to have at your side if you are in trouble.

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