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 Glacias, [x] V-Wolf || Female
Snowflakes Falling On The Ground
Nickname(s):N/A Feel free to give her one:
Age:10 years old(Young Adult):
Species:Vystranian Wolf:
Beautiful And Deadly
Appearance:Small, and Lithe, Glacias can hide perfectly, when she wants to. Her coat is double layered, and the white of new snowfall. Eyes of the deepest blue adorn her face, with lighter blue speckles within. Colored markings adorn her shoulder, Small swirling symbols, that will change appearance depending on the current ability in use.:
Personality:This wolf may seem cold and calculating… and that’s because sometimes she really is. But, she has a loving heart, and when she can she attempts to follow her heart, while listening to her mind. Smart enough to hold her own in a battle of wits, but mayhaps not win, and strong enough not to die *immediately* when in battle, she appears to be an average wolf in most things. With fairly simple powers, she has learned that she needs to be creative with them. A musician at heart, she loves music in general, and finds the time to go to nearby cities whenever she can to find a bard or something to listen to. :
Freezing Up The Skies Above
History:Glacias was born to a pair of loner wolves, along with her brother, in a small cave in the Darklight mountain range, near Majesty, both getting their familiars at one and a half years old. They stayed with their parents for about two years, until at their adolescent years struck off together to find a new home, away from their childhood. Travelling down, they saw their first non-wolves in the form of hunters, searching for rare creatures to kill. The pair had gone up to them, being friendly, but the hunters attempted to kill them. Of course they could defend themselves fairly well, killing the hunters easily, but the encounter shook them, and they wanted to see if that was how all humans were. The people at the nearest settlement they could find were the ones in Majesty. While they were mostly ignored, it was a learning experience. Glacias enjoyed it, no matter how dirty it was, and enjoyed listening to a bard on a corner, singing for coin. She wanted to hear more, so she and her sibling were guided to Albronel by that same bard, who even showed them around. They lived in Albronel for about a year or two, until traveling back into the mountains, hearing of a land of wolves. Seeking a true home to call their own, the pair, and so they went, following the mountain ranges until they smelled it. Wolves. But, they were reminded of their parents, who warned them that packs are terrible things, and… decided to wait it out. Brining us to now, with the twins living in the Wulfen woods, cautiously, but happily for now. :
Abilities:Based on the color of her tattoo, that is the power she is currently using, the three colors being Black, Light grey, and pale blue. It takes about five minutes for the tattoo to fully change colors.

Black- A type of Camouflage, Glacias can make herself nearly invisible to the passing other, be it prey or another predator. She retains her scent, any and all sounds, and size. But appearance-wise, the shadows seem to swallow her to keep her from prying eyes.
Light Grey- Forming a set of flight-worth Wings out of pure light. While this gives away her position, it also allows for a quick escape and has a tendency to blind everyone around her… including herself.
Pale blue- Ice manipulation at its core, Glacias can change the state of water Into Ice of any kind, Though she must concentrate, and can only change things Into Ice and not out of it… But while she may not be able to freely change between states of water, she has a fair control over the *shape* of the ice created, usually in a pointed shape and falling toward her enemy… But should she need it, it is an entirely versatile ability, barring energy:
And Icing Over Seas
Familiar:Glacias’ familiar is a Red feylizard with orange markings on his wings and tail. He is quite friendly, but prefers his partner’s company. He enjoys scouting ahead and flying in general. Communicates in common, verbally.:

Aurum(Thundering hooves)
Ashanta/Ishizu(Forgotten together)
Lusin/Diell(Silver wings)
Khrisstopher/Jhessikha/Angilicia/Xavier(Queen & Messenger)
Umbrun/Glacias(Facing Fears)
One/Two/Three(Old friends and new places)
Iruk(Wendigo Attack)
Cadell(Mix Tape)
Juliesa(New Acquaintances)
Rhodynn(Demon's Call)
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