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 Thia, [x] Gemdrake || Female
Name: Thia

Allingment Neutral

Gender: Female

Species: Gemdrake, Western

Age: 80 (equivalent to 18 years)

Size: 7 feet long but still growing


Psions: creates psychic constructs from Reiatsu energy.


Arrows or other long-range weapons

Dark element attacks

Less physical magical attacks: Reiatsu draining, essence tampering, etc.


Dragonic Form: Thia 's scales calcified at a young age, within her first 10 years all of her scales taken on the appearance of a moonstone; although none know why it happened at such a young age. Her scales are a soft luminescent blue that seems to shine with the soft light of the moon with an outward sheen of white from which the blue shines through.

Her eyes to, have taken on the appearance of a common stone found in her home. Shimmering with a thousand sparks of light and colour, her eyes looked like they were made from back pinfire opal.

Humanoid Form: In her humanoid form Thia keeps many of her dragonic colourations, her eyes remain living pinfire opals and her hair retains the look of a moonstone. Shining and shimmering with the captured light of the moon.

Her ears are pointed like an elf' and she has the unearthly beauty and height of that race as well.


Assumed to be an orphan Thia was found raised by a dragon-ness in Arrowhead. Thia trained in the use of swords from a young age and is now a skilled swords dragons-ness who is as deadly as she is beautiful. Her preferred way of fighting is with two xiphos short swords. As a dragon born and raised in Millirand she has spent her short life either training or fighting to train another day. Living with the knowledge of being hated for no darn good reason her whole life Thia has become a defender for any she believes to be unjustly hurt or hunted.

Pragmatic, intelligent with a sarcastic sense of humour, Thia is underestimated at the cost of your life.

Once she had reached an age where she felt ready to leave, she left Millirand to find her place in the world.

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