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 Azure, [x] Vystrain Wolf || Female
Name: Azure
Nick(s): N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 37 years

Alignment: Neutral Light

Species: Vystrian Wolf

Place of Current Residence: Noctis

Appearance: Azure is a semi-heightened wolf, standing at around 2'7". She has ocean blue with a darker blue dorsal fin (mostly transparent and semi-flexible) running along the entirety of her back from neck to tail for balance and seaweed eyes. Her fur allows her not to be weighed down by all of the water with her tail as a tailfin to be used for propelling and webbed feet for swimming as well. She also has wings that allow her to propel herself under and fly out of water. She isn't the most comfortable on land but she would go if she was required and is more comfortable in the air but less than in the water.

Personality: Azure is kind towards her family and friends, neutral to others she hasn't met, and cold towards her enemies. She likes to swim alongside schools of fish when she comes across them and looking over her underwater home. However, when she feels that her close friends and family are threatened she doesn't bother giving mercy but may do so when it's aimed just at her. Even if she is playful towards her friends and family, she prefers to be a bit of a loner most of the time. She doesn't like getting involved with fights and prefers to try to settle it with no bloodshed.


[M] - Water Magic: Azure has the ability to manipulate water at will. She can use it both out and in of water but there are some differences on how she uses it depending. Using this is stamina consuming.

[S] - Flying: Azure has wings so she may fly out of and propel herself through water. She can both 'glide' and 'flap' underwater to do different things. She is more skilled at using her wings in water than out.

[S] Advanced Swimming: Azure has advanced swimming skills due to the fact that she lives underwater and has 'mutations' that allow her to do so.

[S] Underwater Breathing: Azure has gills so she may breathe to live in her underwater home.

History: Azure was born to two unnamed Vystrian Wolves. She lived in a mostly stable underwater home with her parents. When she was old enough, her parents took her out to teach her how to hunt for food, to fly, and how to control her magic. Her mother then gave birth to her siblings and her father took on singularly teaching her. She got along well with her younger siblings and helped her parents watch and take care of them when needed. Once she got old enough and felt she was ready to leave home she did so. Her parents didn't want her to leave but understood while her younger siblings pleaded with her to stay, they finally (reluctantly) calmed down after Azure promised to visit once in a while. Off on her way she goes to start a new life and explore the seas and skies.
The story continues...

Friends, Relatives, and Companions:
Name, Gender, Position, Status

Unnamed Mother, Female, Mother, Alive
Unnamed Father, Male, Father, Alive
Unnamed Younger Siblings, Any gender, Siblings, Alive

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Veryl/Whirlwind, Female, Equus (That adventuro babbo~!)
Azure, Female, V. Wolf (That soggo babbo~!)
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