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 Veryl, [x] unicorn; equus || female
Name: Veryl (Swift)
Nickname: Whirlwind ← This is what all shall call her unless she states otherwise. Only family can call her this.

Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult, Fourth-Born, Youngest

Alignment: Neutral

Species: Sub-Unicorn, Equus

Appearance: Whirlwind is a small mare that stands at about 14 hands from the shoulder, shorter than the rest of her family due to her age and speed ‘structure.’ The majority of her pelt is a very dark red while it lightens around mid-legs, the lower half of the face, and the muzzle. Her mane and tail are both black and reddish-brown with reddish-magenta (top) and magenta (bottom) eyes. She has pitch black markings that can be seen across her back, fronts of forearms, from her withers to her tops of forearms, on the hips, and around her neck. She also sports the familiar sharp fangs that she uses to both tear into her prey and sometimes fight with.

Personality: Whirlwind is quite curious of all things. Is it a plant? Animal? Or prey? Or is it a magical object she can use to help her family? What can she learn on this adventure? Whirlwind doesn’t enjoy staying in one place for long. Who likes staying in one place for your entire life anyway? She is quite adventurous and likes to stretch her legs often. She is known to leave the herd for a while but she always comes back no more than a couple of days later. Maybe with some ‘treasures’ she found while out and about. The thought of her family is only what brings her back after all. She is a “bit” (more like a lot) detached from her new herd since after losing her birth herd and doesn’t wish to allow any other in but she does hide it well. She doesn’t like being held back or told that she can’t do certain things related to exploring since that’s what taught her most of what she knows about the ‘outside’ world. She likes finding new things like useful locations that the herd hasn’t been to before and might share some with her family but she doesn’t always share her findings unless it’s necessary to help her family. She makes sure to bring back some prey that could feed her family after her adventures to stay on the good side of her family. She doesn’t really care about many outside of her family and their opinions of her (even the new herd) and only has loyalty to a select few and to the ones her family has loyalty to. She does tend to get distracted easily and have troubles concentrating (zone out) and that can make it hard to have patience with her as it can seem as if she was purposefully ignoring/tuning out others (which happens but a lot less than zoning out).


[S] Carnivor: Whirlwind must hunt for prey and eat meat to live. Grazing is not enough. She can hunt usual predators of Equus and most other types of living beings to eat. She usually runs down faster prey that could escape her family.

[S] Increased/Heightened Senses: As a carnivore, Whirlwind does have heightened senses like hearing, sight, and smell. She is a natural hunter after all.

[M] Air Magic: Whirlwind has the ability to wield and conjure Air Magic at will. Her emotions can unconsciously activate this at any time.

[M] Water Magic: Whirlwind has the ability to wield and conjure Water Magic at will. Her emotions can unconsciously activate this at any time.

[M] Illusions: Whirlwind has the ability to wield and conjure Illusions at will. Her emotions can unconsciously activate this at any time.

Weaknesses of Whirlwind is that she must hunt for live prey to be able to live. Her fangs can make others wary of her and her magical abilities are particularly draining when used, unconsciously or not.

Fangs: As most carnivores, Whirlwind has the fangs that allow her to easily tear through flesh when eating. However, she doesn't always use her fangs for eating. She also uses them to fight off or against close up enemies. Now don't get to close when attacking Whirlwind. If she gets a hold of an enemy then they may as well as say goodbye to a good size of whatever limb has strayed to close.

Whirlwind is the daughter to a carnivorous Equus, Anor, and his mate, and the younger sister of three. She had a fairly okay fillyhood with her birth herd and family and quickly developed a love for adventures and exploring a little after she could walk. She loved pestering her sisters and parents to try to get them to go with her. While it did work when her siblings were younger they soon stopped going with her since they claimed to be “big mares now and have no time for fillyish games” and wanted to be “responsible Equus to the herd.” She really didn’t like her older sisters *cough cough* Aurum *cough cough* trying to boss her around and that made her a bit of a rebel in her younger years. After a few years of her fun in games adventures, she finally started to take her explorations a bit more serious as she wanted to help her family when she grew older. She started to hunt a bit more for her family and sometimes bring back some objects that could be put to use in the herd.
When the blizzards came, she started to push aside her more wanderous quirks and stook around more to help out with her family. She traveled to her spots where she found the most prey in earlier in life but they had barely any anymore due to the storms. She still did manage to bring back some prey for her family when they desperately needed it. When her mother died she felt something… leave inside of her. She was very close to her family and she didn’t like it all that much when someone got hurt or, Gods forbid, died. She tried her best to continue to help her family for the rest of the duration of the storms but it got to be very hard on her.
New Herd
When they found a new herd that would take her and her family in, she was much more detached to them, often wandering off more frequently than in her birth herd for longer periods of time due to the fact that she could barely handle sticking around the few that reminded her of her now deceased mother. The only reason she did come back at all was due to her extreme loyalty to her family and her want to help as much as possible. She always did come back with prey after her 'adventures' but chose drift away from both family and herd.
The story continues…

Friends, Relatives, and Companions

Father: Anor [Alive]
Mother: Unknown [Deceased]
Birth Name (Nickname from family, nickname from Whirlwind) Birth Order [Status]
Aurum (Gold, Sister), Eldest [Alive]
Trynna (Shining, Sis), Second Eldest [Alive]
Thaurynn (Terrible, Sissy), Third Eldest [Alive]

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Veryl/Whirlwind, Female, Equus (That adventuro babbo~!)
Azure, Female, V. Wolf (That soggo babbo~!)
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