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 Garvan, [x] Gryphon || Male
Name Garvan

Allingment Neutral -Light

Gender: Male

Species: Gryphon

Age 70 years

Size 5. foot 7


Telekinesis: Reiatsu focused to create a solid force around object/s that can lift and move them.

Invisibility: a form of light manipulation where light can be bent to create a limited illusion to fool the unknowing eye.


Harsh light can throw up a shadow when he is invisible.

Vulnerable to magical attacks.

Can only use his abilities for a certain time period.

Doesn't like small spaces or being underground.


Both Gravan's coat and feathers are a dark, almost black, blue from which his golden eyes blaze. His head and wings are that of an eagle or hawk and his body and tail are that of a lion with all four paws being lionic as well. The height of an average human his large size should get in the way of his chosen career but he has found ways to make it work for him.


Garvan lost his Flight in a battle when he was but a cub. Lost and on his own in Nrveir Mountains he quickly learnt to follow his nature, tricking travellers away from their campfires long enough to steal their meals. He travelled around Alubria as he grew and as he grew and he became more skilled and confident. Being an orphan and growing up on his own has lead to him learning, often the hard way, to defend himself from a range of physical attacks and an often victorious street brawler. Once he had reached adolescence and note of his actions had been taken to the authorities he moved from Alubria to the city of Albronel where he blended in amongst the ever-changing populace.

A skilled thief and trickster Garvan uses his quick mind to elaborately set up his robberies, making it seem like a range of people from the Queen to Lady Verridith Skystriker had robbed the roost. Somewhat vain about his skill, however, Garvan has taken to leaving a small carved flint fox at all of his robberies.

However his life of crime had not led him to be a criminal at heart, a joker, loyal to those few he trusts, he has a profound sense of honour and a strong idea of what is right and what is wrong and has often gotten into scruffs with other less moral thieves in the past.

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