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 Cyra, [x] Pegasus || Female
Name Cyra

Allingment Light

Gender: Female

Species: Pegasus

Age 70 years

Size 16 hands


Able fighter.

Elemental Magic:

Lightning: Can summon and direct lighting, often using it as a shield or like weapon aiming bolts at enemies approaching.

Water: Can bring underground water to the surface and create impermanent springs.


Arrows and other air-based weapons.

Strong winds can knock her from the sky.

Light bones that can break easily.

Very little protection against magical attack.


Opalescent, Cyra's coat and wings shimmer with colour as she moves and as the light catches it. Mostly through shades of gold and red, there is some purple highlights and hints of green throughout as well.

Flashes of lightning, her main elemental ability, can often be seen running through her feathers when she is feeling strong emotion.

Extremely light boned she never quite touches the ground, seeming to always be just floating microinches from the earth. This gives her every movement an unearthly grace.


Cyra is big, 16 hands, for a pegisi and coupled with her lightning abilities she has been gently nudged towards becoming a Zelda'nn but her heart just isn't in that career.

Cyra wants to travel through the realms and map the unknown places and possibly find a new seasonal grassing place for the herd. As such she has left her herd for a short time to explore this path much to her parent's horror.

Quiet, gentle, always looking off to the horizon or wondering what lies over ever hill; from the outside, Cyra seems to be a gentle cloud that drifts through a life of dreams. Yet beneath the soft, light exterior there lay an unbendable will and inner strength of steel. Determined, practical, intelligent, Cyra is not all that she seems and often uses her outer soft appearance to fool possible predators into a lazy attack.

CHARACTERS =Cyra, Alucius, Myth, Titius, Garvan, Thia, Aeliana, Terva, Bruttia, Helena, Ru, Evandor, Tiberius, Varden, Merlyn,Relius, Tristan (Triss), Teal, Adrian,Basilius, Aubrey, Vera


Rochlan, Reunan,


Valerian, Tovran, Lithan, Talia, Arrian

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