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 Rochlan, [x] Roc || Male
Name: Rochlan

Allingment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Roc

Age 29

Size 50-feet (wingspan)


Brilliant negotiator.

Quick defensive flier.

Brilliant hunter.

Good with logistics.


Unable to defend against magic.

Unable to use magic.

Vulnerable to air born weapons.

Appearance: Rochlans plumage is a dark purplish grey with a edging of electric blue. Hawkish in features he has deep green eyes and a dark gold beak with a dark tip.


Rochlan had, had plans to become the next Lord of his Clan, he had been groomed for it since he had hatched, taught to look to logic and to be practical in the face of challenges he had been content with his future. That is until the day that he met Reunan, haughty, wild, beautiful she had taken his heart when she stole his Elephant.

In the moment, becoming Lord wasn't important, pleasing his beloved was. After he was banished from his Clan with bonding with the enemy, he a Reunan took to travelling fro, place to place.

Calmer and far more practical and level-headed than Reunan, Rochlan takes most of his pair-bonds more wild qualities and peoples reaction to them with dark sarcasam and witty comments.

CHARACTERS =Cyra, Alucius, Myth, Titius, Garvan, Thia, Aeliana, Terva, Bruttia, Helena, Ru, Evandor, Tiberius, Varden, Merlyn,Relius (Pair-Bonded)Rochlan, Reunan, (Bonded) Valerian, Tovran, Lithan, Talia, Arrian

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