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 Reunan, [x] Roc || Female
Name: Reunan

Allingment Neutral -Light

Gender: Female

Species: Roc

Age 30

Size 48-feet (Wingspan)


Has a brilliant head for Military strategy.

Is a skilled battle flier and warrior.

Speaks many of the Realms languages.


Unable to use magic

Unable to defend against weapons like bows and other projectiles.

Is easily harmed by magic.

Appearance: Huge in size, Reunan has a burnt umber plumage with light grey barring under her throat fading towards her belly. Along the edging of her feathers, there is a light trimming of gold that sparkles in the sunlight. She has the features of an eagle with golden eyes and gold coloured hooked beak.


Reunan had once had dreams of becoming a warrior for her Clan, an honour that only a few of the very greatest fighters ever have. But life had other plans and she became estranged from her Clan when her Lord had her love captured and was about to tear his eyes out and, enraged, Reunan dived at him, knocking him from his perch.

Rachlan, Reunan's love and pair-bond is from a Clan that has been at war with hers for more years than they have records. But love is mighter than any lifelong hatred and so when she found herself face to face with him as they both dived and grabbed the same Elephant. She knew that she had found her bond.

Now, both separated from their respective clans she and Rochlan travel through the realms taking part in whatever sport or hunting amuses them.

Reunan is the hotter-headed of the pair, often the first to rise to a fight or lose her temper and rend something or someone in to. But she is also the more cunning of the pair, often the first to see a trap or some danger. A lover of a good fight and the owner of a sharp tongue, it is a brave creature or man or women who stands face to face with her and disagrees.

But she also has a softer side, she is as fiercely loyal to Rachlan as she is hotheaded she would defend him to her last breath and follow him to the ends of the Realms of he needed her to. She is also a lover of anything too small to eat and furry and can often be found cooing over a litter of kittens or pups.

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