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 Khrisstopher, [x] Avian || Male
Appearance/Khri is tall, with mint-green hair that is cut short-ish. His eyes, in contrast, are a deep Pine green, with flecks of lighter green throughout. His skin is pale, almost blending into the eight white wings that he sports on his back. His clothing is a simple tunic, with openings in the back for his wings, and a pair of pants, and very rarely does he wear his armor, which is thin chainmail made of divine metal.
Personality/Khri has all the patience in the world, especially for his two little angels. He is a kind-hearted soul, with the simple wish to not have to worry about his children. While he doesn’t wish anyone harm, being a pacifist, he will and can fight. He just prefers a quiet, safe life, with his pairbonded and their two little children.
Backstory/Riss was born in Avis, and showed promise in learning to fight, as a young angel. He used to have mint wings to match his hair, but once he completed training, he drank from the River of Light, but then was given a chance to drink again a couple years later. He did, and became a seraph much to everyone's’ joy and enthusiasm. About ten years ago, he met a young demoness, who appeared to be injured, and about to be caught in a magestorm. Normally, he’d leave her, naturally being inclined to hate her, but… He just couldn’t. The seraph brought her to his place, where he cared for her, reasoning that he’d fight her honorably with her once she was healed. That never happened, because while she was under Khri’s care, she showed that not all demons are evil… just most. Once healed, it turns out she didn’t want to go back to Kurai. He offered her to stay with him, but she simply told him it was too dangerous. She went to live in Albronel, and found happiness there. Every so often, one or the other would sneak out to visit one another, and it was five years ago that a pair-bond was formed, around the time their daughter, Angy, was born. Without telling his superiors of his leave, he moved to Albronel, and was pleased to find a nice job as a healer, all he’d ever wanted, peace and quiet. Once the war came, He tried to avoid notice, knowing that if his old empire find him there, the sire of not one, but two half-demon children, he’d be hunted down and killed. But he’s happy to stay in Albronel, as long as he’s left alone.
Ability(s)/Being a Seraph, Khriss is naturally light aligned, and he’s a great healer, having a lot of training in his earlier years, mostly battlefield healing, but he’s getting better at regular healing. Whilst training, he’s learned how to use his light as a light source in itself, a blinding ball of energy that can blind anyone who looks directly into it for too long, making it extremely helpful, but it’s rather draining, and he usually can’t access this unless he’s extremely angry or emotional in any way. To go along with this, he has some form of natural sunglasses, he can look directly into the sun without too many harmful effects, beyond a headache that forms after a while.

Aurum(Thundering hooves)
Ashanta/Ishizu(Forgotten together)
Lusin/Diell(Silver wings)
Khrisstopher/Jhessikha/Angilicia/Xavier(Queen & Messenger)
Umbrun/Glacias(Facing Fears)
One/Two/Three(Old friends and new places)
Iruk(Wendigo Attack)
Cadell(Mix Tape)
Juliesa(New Acquaintances)
Rhodynn(Demon's Call)
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