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 Diell, [x] Elder Drow || Male
Age:300 years old(25 equivalent)
Species:Elder Drow
Alignment:Neutral Light
Appearance:Di has hair so black it shimmers with purples and blues in the sunlight, which hangs down to the ends of his shoulder blades(he just got a haircut), and light brown eyes, almost hazel. His skin is pale, like most of his race, and he wears clothing not nearly as black as his hair, but black nonetheless. He wears a silver hair-band, which keeps his hair out of his face, and a single bracer on his shield arm, his left arm. A beautifully made Dragonsung steel short-sword with a simple hilt is hung on his hip.
Personality:Diell is the level-headed one of the pair, a logical thinker and gentle soul. He, unlike Sin, is rather easygoing and gets along with most everyone. His humor, though, mostly consists of bad puns and dad jokes, so you have been warned. His approach to life is think things through, before doing something rash… Which can get annoying when your partner runs ahead to kill everything. He tries to settle all and any conflicts he can without fighting hand to hand combat.
Backstory:Diell was born in the city of Heartwood, to a poorer family of Elder drow, relying on natural medicines to make a living. He was out collecting herbs in the nearby forest, when he heard a horse. He hadn’t seen many people in this part of the forest, so he had gone to look, and found what appeared to be a group of bandits. They were talking about how much money they would get for selling this egg. At a point during watching, he saw the egg was a dragon, and being a supporter of the dragons himself, he stole the egg while the bandits were distracted. Bringing it back to his house, he decided that if anyone found out about the hatchling, once it did hatch, they would probably be after it. She hatched about a month later, and he realized she was a rare Lunar dragon. This just made him more determined to keep her safe. He named her Lusin, and hid her in the forest, knowing she could protect herself, but he wanted to make sure. At some point during her 56th year, the Rider bond was created, and Di was thrilled, though cautious. He still wanted to keep her safe. Only 50 years after that did he announce that he had become a rider, and introduced her to his parents, who were very proud of him, and pleased to meet his dragon counterpart. After, the pair decided to travel the realms, and have been doing just that up until recently, with the Faction of hope on the rise, they have decided to take a break from travelling to go home and visit his family in Heartwood.
Abilities:Di is elementally aligned with air, but isn’t really that proficient with it. He can manipulate air currents to be slightly more helpful for Lusin’s flying, and that’s basically it.

Aurum(Thundering hooves)
Ashanta/Ishizu(Forgotten together)
Lusin/Diell(Silver wings)
Khrisstopher/Jhessikha/Angilicia/Xavier(Queen & Messenger)
Umbrun/Glacias(Facing Fears)
One/Two/Three(Old friends and new places)
Iruk(Wendigo Attack)
Cadell(Mix Tape)
Juliesa(New Acquaintances)
Rhodynn(Demon's Call)
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