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» Lore-Based RULES, + Q & A
Want to role-play in BTACD without using the sitewide plot? Still want to use the species, history, Realms and lore? Then this is your place!

This section is dedicated to freeform BTACD role-play styled in a thread-based system, without a main plot. All of these role-plays will be set in BTACD's worlds using its lore, and none of the main-plot events will affect this. Create your own plots within your own threads without the restrictions of Plot-based; destroy some worlds, purge the royals, kill the gods! You can do whatever you want. Go crazy! :D

All normal role-play rules still apply.

If you have any questions about this section, please post them here. Thank you!

Does the semi-liquid time still apply here?
In the lore-based section, it is completely liquid time. You don't have to keep a timelist unless you want to, because there will be no conflicts with the primary main plot.

Should I move my current lines? Can I move them back and forth?
You can move your lines from Plot-Based to Lore-Based. Move your lines to this board only if you do not want your lines to have anything to do with the main plot. However, if a thread is moved to Lore-Based, and you want to continue it again in PB, you must make a new thread.

Do any of the 'important' characters - those of royal lineage, Ethers, gods, military generals, Lords, any sort of nobility at all - matter in Lore-Based?
Not unless you want them to! The only mandatory 'importants' you must keep are the respective gods of each Realm, though these may be manipulated in any way for your plot to progress. Kings and queens can be different, as well as anyone else. (: However, if you plan to use any existing royalty - such as Queen Verridith or Lord Razor - please PM the role-player of them and ask permission.

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