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 Aiahnaiah, [x] gryphon || female
Age:134(Young adult)
Appearance:The classic lioness body, but with her bird-like features that of a red macaw instead of an eagle. Her wings are large, and go from a vivid red at the base, to a yellow stripe going from the joint to half-way on the inner edge of the wing, and a blue wingtip. Even though the wingspan is about as long as her, if not longer, she has perfected being able to fold them up so tightly that they appear to be much much smaller than they really are. Extremely skinny, she appears to be, and is, malnourished for the most part, and usually has either an air of pride, or that of extreme desperation depending. About the size of pony.
Personality:Naiah is a sweetheart, to your face at least. Out in public, she’s shy, soft spoken, quiet, socially awkward, and can often get looked over despite her near rainbow of feathers. Once you get to know her, however, that is quite the opposite of what she can be when she needs to be. Cunning, sharp-tongued, calm, cool, collected, and can be kinda mean or bitter at times. But of course, no one really gets to know her real side.
Backstory:Things never quite went right for this little girl. One of four eggs, she was the only one to hatch, and her parents, the Aran’raa and Tari’rae of the flight, never truly accepted her. They were both offensively magical, and expected their daughter, Naiah, to be the same. She prefered the quiet, generally safe, art of healing, and used her affinity to light to try and successfully become a healer for her flight. As it turned out, they would need it. An ‘allied’ flight turned on them, and they were in a fight for their lives. As it turns out, you become pretty good at fighting when you see your friends and family dying in front of you. She fought valiantly near the end, but eventually had to flee to make it out alive. She found her way as an adolescent into the city, where she learned that she would have to learn how to survive in a place where her old rules didn’t matter. She slowly stewed in her grief while putting on a petite, meek mask, and became a thief to pay the bills, so to speak. She got good at it, pretty good. Still, fighting isn't exactly her forte, nor is she any bad at it, but she's still a healer, and tries not to harm anyone if at all possible.
Ability: Healing-She has a fairly large amount of energy, and some training, enough to do most minor wounds and some major wounds, but with her current occupation and lack of practice, she doesn't ever use it.

Aurum(Thundering hooves)
Ashanta/Ishizu(Forgotten together)
Lusin/Diell(Silver wings)
Khrisstopher/Jhessikha/Angilicia/Xavier(Queen & Messenger)
Umbrun/Glacias(Facing Fears)
One/Two/Three(Old friends and new places)
Iruk(Wendigo Attack)
Cadell(Mix Tape)
Juliesa(New Acquaintances)
Rhodynn(Demon's Call)
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