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 Morpheus, [x] circadian/terravyrn || male
Name: Morpheus

Age: Adult

Alignment: Neutral Light

Race: Umbran Circadian/Terravyrn

Appearance: His body is long and slender like a circadian's, and his legs and neck are long and slender like a terravyrn's. His tail is as long as the rest of his body combined. Small, blue-black, metallic scales cover his body, though the scales on his tail gradually take on a silver sheen, leaving his tail-tip and the tuft of fur on it a gleaming silver shade. A circle of star-like gems girds his neck like a necklace, and he wears a silver chain around them to accentuate the effect. A silvery gem is inset into his forehead, just in front of his single, long, slightly curved horn. A bright blue gem adorns the tip of this horn. His long mane is a dark purple shade, and decorated with various gemstones he has collected. His eye-sockets are empty, and a dark purple crown adorns his head, tipped with white gems. His wing membranes are ethereal-looking, arranged in two pairs, one on his shoulders, one on his hips.

Personality: Crafty and cunning, often whimsical, and generally unpredictable. He tends to conceal himself with total invisibility and drift around in the air, only revealing himself on brief occasions. He enjoys playing games with people he meets, and keeping them guessing about his true nature and motivations. He especially likes games of chance. Despite his trickster mentality, he truly does mean well. His umbran nature means he tends to sleep throughout the day, and spend the night wide awake, though he is not so susceptible to being Sun-Struck due to his terravyrn heritage.

Abilities: His terravyrn heritage grants him the ability to absorb all elemental magics without harm. His umbran nature allows him to see through even the strongest illusions, and detect lies and deceit. His eyeless sockets can see through the deepest of darkness. He is a strong, agile flyer, capable of amazing acrobatics in the air. He can conjure potent wards, turn completely invisible, and become as intangible as a ghost. When ethereal, he is unable to attack or be attacked, and can move exceptionally fast.

With Zeldrima's blessing, he can grant wishes to those who pay him, usually in the form of a small gemstone, wagering the value of the stone against the wish. The greater the wager, the more potent the wish can be. Once a wish is made, he must do what he can to grant it, though he decides to interpret it varies.

Weaknesses: There are limits to what kind of wishes he can grant. He is unable to outright kill anybody, or return the dead to life. And any wish he grants will have an equal drawback of some sort. He is also unable to grant any wishes for himself. While he can help others as he pleases, he is forbidden from granting wishes without payment.

History: Morpheus dedicated his life to Zeldrima at a young age after the goddess bestowed great fortune upon his family at his request. He remained true to his oath, and found great favor in her eyes. She chose him as her Ward, and tasked him with wandering the Realms, spreading good fortune in her name, though at a price, and with an element of luck to the whole affair.
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