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 Casimir, [x] kaveri || male
Name: Casimir

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Kaveri; Songbird

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: Casimir is a fairly typical songbird kaveri. He is shorter than most other humanoid races, slender of build, and covered with sky blue feathers on his head, back, and wings, with white feathers on his throat and belly. His beak is a dark blue-grey shade, and his eyes are a soft brown color. He typically wears a plain, white, loose-fitting tunic.

Personality: He shares his people's overall disdain for conflict, but, unlike the, he views hardship, even in war, as necessary for survival and innovation, believing that an overabundance of peace and security leads to weakness and decadence. He is easy-going and often cheerful, and enjoys wandering whenever he can to better enjoy his surroundings.

Skills/Abilities: Fittingly, songbird kaveri that he is, his song can be infused with magic. primarily healing, though he can also instill a sense of peace and calm in whoever is listening. On the flip side, he can sing a more discordant song that can distract and disorient. He is quick and agile, and often carries a three-section staff for self-defense. His is also a skilled air-mage. He can mimic the sound of many flutes and similar instruments.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Songbird that he is, his bones are light and relatively delicate, leaving him vulnerable to heavy blows. His slender frame leaves him vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Should he face an adversary he cannot flee from, and who is resistant to his magic, he would be hard-pressed to emerge unscathed from such an altercation.

History: He hatched in a wagon belonging to a band of wandering entertainers, and learned their trade from a young age. However, while in his adolescence, the band fell victim to a group of marauding demons in service to Chamenos, and several of them were killed. Casimir escaped, blaming the group's complacence as much as he did the demons for their deaths. He determined to avoid such complacency in his own travels, encouraging others to remain wary and ready to defend themselves lest they also fall victim to attack.
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