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 Rhiandara, [x] void dragon || female
Name: Rhiandara

Age: Adolescent

Gender: Female

Race: Void Dragon

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Small, blue-black scales adorn her body, and a dark purple frill crowns her head. Her slender body takes th shape of a wyvern, with her black-feathered wings affixed to her forelegs. Her long, narrow tail ends in a flexible tip. Her eyes and the gleaming orb in her chest are bright blue.

Personality: Rhiandara is struggling to find her true self in the midst of the memories of her ancestors. These memories awakened within her at a young age, and she spent much of her childhood losing herself in memories of the past that these memories imprinted themselves deeply into her mind. Now, as she is starting to mature, she often secludes herself so that these ancestral memories don't impact her thoughts, allowing her to meditate and try to form her own thoughts.

Skills/Abilities: She was hatched with black reiatsu, further empowering her connection to the Void. She can move in and out of the Void at will, and transport others through it as well. She can use this connection to block or redirect attacks, or to send others through a portal to another location. She is also a gifted Seer, able to enter states of trance to seek visions. She can use her reiatsu to form visible representations of these visions, projecting gleaming blue-black images from her eyes.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her weak sense of self makes it hard for her to fully separate her ancestral memories from her own. As a result, she is prone to be overly attached to those she knows can't be from her past memories. She is also severely weak to light magics, and strong natural light can disorient her.

History: Unlike most of her kind, her ancestral memories fully surfaced when she was still a child, little more than a hatchling. Since she was still young enough to be highly impressionable, these memories threatened to overwrite her mind. When she reached adolescence, she began to form her own identity after seeking solitude.

Eventually, loneliness led her to leave her self-imposed exile from the Realms, and she sought out anybody who might understand her struggles and be able to help her overcome them.
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