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» Illiska, [x] Dragon || Female
Name: Full name is Illiska Gemshard

Age: 150 years

Gender: Female

Species: A Sea Serpent

Alignment: Neutral

Illiaksa's silver-colored scales are almost like actual silver, and she sometimes sells them for things she needs. Her face, instead of being scaled, has small, down-like feathers on it which are colored a deep brown. Sometimes she is mistaken for a shark, but in fact has four legs, webbed claws, and a powerful tail for swimming. She wears a necklace of pearls.

Illiska is usually friendly to those who do not run from her, and understanding when people do run from her. She can be a bit mischievous as well, sometimes playing pranks on sailors by decorating their ships with seaweed or sometimes using her strange ink breath weapon to color their sails.

Illiska is not built for combat. Her breath weapon spews ink of a color of her choice, which underwater she uses as a smokescreen so she can escape. She's built for underwater speed, but can run pretty fast on land too. Being wingless, she can't fly, so she's pretty much restricted to running or swimming. Her teeth are razor sharp and curved to catch fish, and can do serious damage if she willed them to, though she is loathe to use them.

As previously stated, she is not built for combat and cannot fly. However, her silver scaled sometimes attract unwanted attention from thieves, Faction members, and the like.

Born in the Realm of Noctis, Illiska was once captured by cruel orcs who sold her into slavery as a hatchling. She managed to escape her captors, but she still bears a brand on her underside. After her escape she sheltered with a nice blue dragon on Millirand named Snowscale, and befriended that dragon. However, the two were separated a while later by a Faction attack. She wandered Millirand for a while, until stumbling into Xaeri. She lived there for a while in Harmony, made some friends, and has now struck out on her own. She does not have a rider yet, but tries to keep an open mind after her talk to Snowscale and a Sea-Kin xeriin.

You know, we all thought I was crazy... Oh wait, I still am! :3 *insane cackling*
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