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» Tyndareus, [x] vystrian lion || male
Name: Tyndareus

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Nehmian Lion

Alignment: Neutral Light

Appearance: A large, muscular lion with a white mane and pale grey pelt. His eyes are a gleaming blue shade, and gleaming silvery markings adorn his neck, shoulders, and flanks, though these markings are largely hidden beneath his mane and armor. His armor is crafted of divine metal, trimmed with gold plating and inset with gleaming red rubies.

Personality: A seasoned warrior with a long, distinguished career, Tyndareus is a brave fighter and valiant leader, commonly placing himself on the front line of any fight. He believes a ruler shouldn't ask their followers to do something they themselves wouldn't do. Outside of battle, he is generally level-headed, but boisterous. Despite this, he is perfectly aware of his strength, and can be extremely gentle with cubs, and those who he deems friends.

Skills/Abilities: His already great strength is further enhanced by his armor, and his sense are quite keen. His stamina is considerable, and his thick armor provides him great defenses. He s highly proficient with lightning, air, water magics. He can use these together to conjure powerful storms, and call lightning down from the clouds.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He is weak to earth and dark magics, and his size and armor reduce his agility to an extent. When caught up on the heat of battle, a clever enough opponent can draw him into a reckless fury.

History: Tyndareus often found himself getting into trouble as a cub, often finding himself drawn into fights after losing his temper with his fellow cubs. Over time, as he matured, and was taught to control his temper, he became more even-tempered, and learned to control himself. His willingness to fight was focused into stalwart bravery in defense of his kind, or in battle alongside their Halgian allies.

Over time, he gained much respect in the pride, and eventually earned the position of Archon. Now, he is entering his fourth century of life, and still retains his strength and love of life. He has long upheld the pride's alliance with the Halgian Empire.
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