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» Dhisana, [x] yorijian dragon || female
Name: Dhisana

Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Race: Yorijian Dragon; Black Guard

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Her body is long, slender, and wiry, covered in smooth black scales. Small, fin-like blades adorn her back, limbs, and tail tip. Her eyes are the color of hot embers. She is old enough that whatever decorative features and lighter colors she might have once had are long since faded, leaving no outward clue as to her Family of origin.

Personality: She remembers nothing of her life before becoming a Black Guard, and very little of her earliest years among them. Therefore, she lacks any sense of connection to any but Calypso, and her fellow Black Guards. Moreover, aside from lacking some of her memories, she is also lacking in some of her emotions and feelings, chief among them remorse, joy, and pity. She tales her duties very seriously, and can often be found pushing herself to her limits when not on duty.

Skills/Abilities: Like all Black Guards, her scales are immensely hard, and her talons long and sharp, as are the fin-like blades that adorn her body. She is immensely fast and agile, and in top physical shape. She is able to conjure powerful flames, and can feed them with her reiatsu to the extent that she can cause even a leviathan to burn from the inside out, leaving only charred bones behind.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Though her reiatsu-fed flames are powerful, their use comes at the expense of burning away her memories and psyche. She knows that, some day, she will have been forced to burn so much of her mind away that she is liable to be a danger to Yorije.

History: Like all Black Guards, Dhisana came to Djomwhetta to train at a young age. She struggled at first to truly apply herself body and soul, but as time went on, she gained more and more focus, making her eventual acceptance into the Guard all the sweeter. It was shortly after this that she was forced to use her full power in defense of Yorije, and lost a part of herself in the process.

Now, after many centuries of loyal, devoted service, she is one of the Guard's most respected members, even if her condition prevents her from ever being placed in a position of leadership. She is content with serving for as long as she is able.
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