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» Benedict, [x] halgian || male
Name: Benedict

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Halgian

Alignment: Light

Appearance: A tall, slender man with vaguely leonine features. His eye teeth are unusually long and sharp, and his bright, piercing green eyes glow in the dark. His hair is a bright blond shade, and extends into long sideburns half way down his thin, angular face. His nails resemble lion claws. He tends to garb himself in a simple white robe with thin gold trim over a white tunic and trousers. Regardless of weather, he tends to wear simple leather sandles.

Personality: Benedict is a priest utterly and zealously devoted to Daama, and the Halgian Empire. An ordained Inquisitor, he is commonly found serving alongside the Empire's knights and soldiers, urging them to never falter in their duty to the light. He is quick to denounce dark creatures and thoughts, and any behavior that is contrary to Halgian virtues. He holds himself to a high standard, and refuses to allow himself any but the smallest luxuries.

Skills/Abilities: His reiatsu manifests as a golden light, and he primarily uses this reiatsu to form powerful shields and wards around himself. When in battle, he prefers to wield a mace forged of pure, divine metal, though he forgoes the use of armor in favor of his reiatsu, which is further bolstered by his zeal. This same zealousness makes him highly difficult to mentally manipulate or control. He is likewise gifted with light magic, which he uses mainly for healing and purification of the sick and injured. His eyesight is very keen, to the point where he can see in near-total darkness.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His zealousness can lead him to make rash decisions, and he can often come to the conclusion that any price paid in defense of light and empire is acceptable. He is likewise weak to dark magics. Although he is a deadly foe in a fight, he is highly reliant on his reiatsu shields due to not wearing armor.

History: Born to devoted Halgian parents, Benedict was raised in a monastery, and trained to be a priest. He was quick to take his lessons to heart, and soon devoted himself to serving the Inquisition. He quickly proved to be a valuable asset to his superiors, and was ordained as a full priest. He has since devoted much time and effort into both preventing perceived heresy from spreading among the armies of the Halgian Empire, and in helping locate the hidden city of the Fallen.
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