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 Azharial, [x] dragon || female
Name: Azharial

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon; Celestial

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Azharial is a creature of radiant beauty. Her body is covered with gleaming, pale, mother of pearl scales. Here wing membranes are a soft, pale pink, as are the long frills adorning her head. Her eyes are a cobalt blue color. Her body shape is like that of a wyvern, with her wings affixed to her forelegs. Her tail is long and slender, and ends in a small frill.

Personality: Azharial comes across as cold, uncaring, and cynical, caring little for what happens in the Realms around her. She is fiercely temperamental, and prone to outbursts of anger. Inside, she is extremely bitter about her life, and antagonistic towards the gods. Buried deep within her is a long-faded desire to find meaning for her existence, masked behind a self-serving facade.

Skills/Abilities: She is one of the rare individuals blessed with white reiatsu, which, together with her celestial heritage, give her great power. She is particularly blessed with extremely powerful light magic, and reiatsu abilities, particularly shields and beams of pure, destructive energy. Although rarely used, her healing abilities are highly potent. Unusually, there exists no hard limit to the amount of power she can conjure, though this extreme potential has major drawbacks.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her immense power is killing her, as her body is unable to handle the immense energies she can wield, and she is unable to keep it in check. Were she to unleash her full might, she would be utterly destroyed, body and soul, in but a mere blink of an eye. As it stands, even normal expenditure of energy tends to leave her body weakened and nearly incapacitated. Always in her mind is the fact that she has maybe a few decades at the most to live.

History: Azharial had an uneventful early life. It wasn't until her reiatsu manifested in a surge that nearly killed her that she began to realize the truth about her existence. She struggled to keep her power contained, but, over time, as she was forced to use them time and again, her body began to weaken.

She tried to find some way to lengthen her life, or contain her power, going to the Mages Guild and to each temple of every god, but the mages had nothing they could do to help her, and from the gods, she received only silence.

Feeling abandoned and cursed, Azharial turned her back on gods and mortals alike, determined to try to find at least some satisfaction out of life before her powers consumed her entirely.
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