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 Arkadian, [x] dragon || male
Name: Arkadian

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon; Western

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A western dragon of roughly average height, his body is somewhat longer, with a lithe, wiry build. His scales are a dark, blue-black shade, while his underside is a pale, off-white color. A crest of ivory horns adorn his head, and his face around his eyes and down the top of his snout is adorned with bright, crimson scales. His wing membranes are of a likewise bright red. The end of his long, sinuous tail is covered with sharp, bony, serrated hooks.

Personality: Feral and carefree, Arkadian does what he wants, whenever he wants, without much regard to consequences, often relying on cunning and sheer audacity to gain the upper hand in dangerous situations. He shuns the notion of dwelling in cities, or forming any kind of orderly society, and is utterly disdainful of the idea of following rules. If one would rule, then one should prove to be worthy of ruling, not demand it. He also loves to tell tall tales, whether embellished accounts from his own past, or stories made up entirely on the spot. More than anything, he lives for thrills.

Skills/Abilities: Arkadian is skilled with fire, lightning, and air magics, with air being his strongest. His lithe frame gives him great agility, and his wild life has left him with great athleticism and stamina. He is a particularly skilled flyer, capable of navigating through tight quarters. His disdain for civilization has led him to pick up many tricks for survival.

He was hatched with a sharp, cunning mind, further hones by life in the wild. Thus, it is hard to completely fool him with illusions or other such tricks. His wings are flexible enough for him to have trained himself to clumsily fly, for a short time, while upside down.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Earth, Water, and Ice magics are more dangerous to him than other types. His carefree attitude and impulsive nature can also get him into trouble. His thrill-seeking can make him reckless, especially when he gets the chance to show off.

History: Arkadian hatched near Arrowhead, on Millirand, to parents who had left the grim city behind. As soon as he was able to look after himself, he left the area behind, disdaining the thought of city and forsaking all notions of living in civilization. He took to the wilds, living by no rules but his own, and doing as he pleased, even going so far as to take from others who had plenty.

Over time, he drew the attention and interest of other dragons who decided to take part in the same care-free, wild lifestyle he lived by. When some of the people they robbed tried to go after them, Arkadian simply led his followers to another Realm, and continued as before, soon getting into the habit of wandering where he pleased so he and his followers would be hard to follow.
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