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 Aquarius Moonscale, [x] Merfolk || Female
Aquarius Moonscale
"I feel so at home in the water "
Nickname: Aqua, Princess, Leviathan of Haven, whatever nickname terra feels like giving her at any moment



Race: Mermaid(Kapa'pu)


Occupation: Dancer, Songstress, magic user and inventor
Character Body
Appearance: Human form: Hair Color/Style: Long light blue hair.
Eye color: Deep blue.
Skin Color: White
Land form: Aqua's height around 5'6, her breast are B Cup and very light skin. She has VERY long light blue hair. If she uses magic the tattoo's on her body will shine to show she is using magic. The only tattoo that is active in her human form is a tear drop shaped one on her back

Mermaid Form: Aqua's mermaid form she looks pretty much the same besides her tattoos will always be showing and she now has her fishtail with various frills that mimic a white dress with very slight purple accents on the frills. Her fish tail starts from below her Navel and starts as a dark blue that turns lighter as it reaches it's end

Personality: Aqua tries to find the beauty in all living things. She can become easily fascinated by new things. Having grown up around royalty, She did not have many friends resulting in her being somewhat quirky in nature However this can really hide her condescending nature.

Likes: Singing,dancing,music, inventing

Dislikes: Being called weak,Avians, sealing magic, she HATES bugs and pickles

Talents: Dancing, Music, science, magic and inventing

Flaws: power hungry for magic, can be naive at times and condescending
Character Abilities
Aqua's magic is considerably weaker compared to before she was sealed away in the stasis crystal. She can still control large amounts of water but is now required to sing in order to use her water magic. Aqua's range for her water magic is determined by how far her voice can reach. In areas where her voice can be overpowered she can only control the water directly in front of her and in areas where her voice can echo she will have much farther range.

Aqua has also learned how to use light magic by stealing their information and books on light magic from the avians and teaching herself on how to do it. However due to her being self taught she is not very accurate in her healing and instead resorts to using a small heal over the entire body to stabilize someone. (She cannot restore stamina or someone's reaitsu). and in terms of offensive light abilities aqua can only use 1 spell in which she holds out one or both of her hands palm facing down and two strands of light come out mimicing a bow and can fir consecutive blasts of light that when come into contact with a person's body will cause the nerves to simulate pain.IE: An arrow fired by this bow will cause the body to feel like it's been shot by an arrow but no actual harm to the body

Character Bio
Year 3388 of Noctis: Long ago when the Avians and Merfolk were at war, Aquarius was a princess of a prominent kingdom, the underwater city of Haven. When she joined during the climax of that war the Avian's began to fear her level of magic, comparing to that of a leviathan, earning her the nickname leviathan of Haven. They devised a plan and successfully captured the young princess and sealed her in a stasis crystal hidden amongst on of the floating islands only the most elite of avian's knew of her fate. Without Aquarius her people stood no chance against the onslaught of Avians and the kindgom was eventually destroyed. The only thing that remains of her kingdom now is the ruins of her old city that many merfolk stay way from due to bad omens.
Now after thousands of years passing Terra has stumbled upon aqua's prison and accidently released her from the stasis crystal. She has little to no recollection from her past except for brief flash backs that make almost no sense to her and while she is still able to cast magic well, she cannot perform the feats she was once capable of,

Extra: Aqua is very skilled in creating tools and magical artifices however she is not so skilled when it comes to creating mundane items.
Pilo1 -- 20 -- Eastern -- Discord

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her mermaid form
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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
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