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» Graethus, [x] dragon || male
"Growl, Food"
Nickname: Gray.

Age: 300

Gender: Male

Species: Western Dragon

Sexuality: straight

Origin: Arcadia Desert, Ristell

Character Body
Appearance: Graethus is an abnormally large and muscular Western Dragon, 20ft in height at the shoulders. He is colored like sand and ground. His front legs are larger than the rear, and are structured like a Komodo dragon's. Graethus has massive spikes covering his back and neck, some reaching up to 6ft in length. His forearms also have Large spikes covering their surface, thogh the spikes are no where near as large as the ones on his back. Greaethus has a large chest and slim stomach, giving him an intimidating and agressive profile. His head is not very long, and sports two long, curved, forward pointing horns. His face is adorned with two glistening red eyes, and a sharp toothy grin.

Personality: Graethus is best described as a brute, though he is not stupid. He is boarish in nature and very aggressive when prevoked. Graethus is actually quite clever and is a quick learner. Graethus on the outside is a tough and intimidating individual, though on the inside he is actually quite lonely, he has never known companionship. He wishes to explore new places and find a companion for his journeys. He is amicable to those he deems worthy of friendship, and will try to find traits in any lifeform to prevent himself from consuming them. Sadly there are not many whom Graethus deem worthy of survival. He is also very territorial.

Likes: Sand, Ground, Female Dragons of almost any kind, Meat, Fighting.

Dislikes: Water, The Weak.

Character Bio
Character History: Graethus' true origin is unknown, though his first memories were of blistering heat and raging sandstorms. He has always resided in the Arcadia desert. When he was young he would kill animals who wandered too far into the desert and would then devour them. As he grew his ambitions became greater and he would find, kill and devour animals who were larger than himself. The harsh environment of the desert toughened his skin and scales, making it hard for any animal or monster unfortunate enough to encounter him, to harm him. Graethus was satisfied with killing large animals until he hit puberty, and increased in size, and gained an instinctual bravado he needed to fill. He began to grow spikes all over his body, these spikes were heavy and got in the way at first, but over time Graethus began to appreciate them more and more. They prevented him from being harmed in some places and also could be used to impale creatures. He began to search for stronger opponents.

Graethus Would find other carnivores and fight them, always devouring the body of the enemy. Graethus became lazy and began to travel in any sandstorm he could find, and would eat whatever got lost in the storms. Eventually he began to encounter Sol'Teran convoys in the depths of the desert storms, these proved to be fun meals. The Sol'Terans were hard to kill, and put up a great fight for Graethus, they were even able to break his spikes on occasion. Sadly for the enemy his spikes would fully regenerate in minutes. Graethus Began to listen to his prey before he would fight them, he began to learn language, something foreign to him prior. He found the way they interacted with one another intriguing, and he began to long for a similar companionship. This was the spark that lit Graethus' desire to explore new places, his laziness cured he was ready to embark on a journey, all that was left was for someone to come along and lead him out of the desert.

Abilities: Graethus has extreme regenerative properties, he can regrow his Spikes in minutes if broken, leaving a very small window for attack. He is extremely strong for a Western Dragon, due to his size and bulky build. He is able to burrow underground at an astonishing rate. His claws and teeth are razor sharp. Graethus' spikes are made of a very strong chitin and keratin compound, hard and heavy, they provide incredible defense to any area they cover. (Back, Neck, Forearms, Tail) He can use his spikes to attack enemies by impaling them. Graethus can only fly for a limitted time as he is extremely heavy, and flying tires his wings greatly.
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