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 Kierah, [x] Demon; N'vaen | Female
Name: Kierah

Nicknames: Rah

Gender: Female

Age: 245

Race: Demon; N'vaen

Hair: Crimson red with teal blue

Eyes: One pale purple and one violet.

Height: 6'2

Personality: Kierah is a very go with the flow sort of woman, believing that strength is power, whether it's through magic or physical prowess. She has a drive within her to become as powerful as she possibly can be, and to earn the status that comes with such feats. She loves spending time with men, sometimes more than one at a time. She is also a none stop flirt, even with women, despite not being interested in women in that fashion.

Powers/Strong Points: Kierah is a Psion, having trained to use her mind as a weapon fully. But she also knows the importance of being able to protect ones self physically in battle, especially when you have more than one opponent, so she has also trained and is evenly skilled with a sword.

Weaknesses: Her twin brother Damiahn and their connection. Since she balances her abilities between physical and magical, she has bad tendencies to leave herself open in the middle of battle if she's not paying attention and trying to use her magic.

Clothes: As they appear in the picture.

History: Kierah was born with her twin brother Damiahn, and their parents learned very quickly that the twins had a highly sensitive connection. When Kierah feels pain, Damiahn can feel it, and vice versa, and they have the ability to speak telepathically to one another. This was all discovered time as they grew older. The only thing they didn't seem to have in common was the ability to use magic.

Kierah, when she hit adolesence, began to show her aptitude for being a Psion. Accidentally messing up some other's Demon's minds pretty bad. And of course, she started training with it for battle, but she didn't want to just focus on magic, and also learned how to use a sword to defend herself. Meanwhile, she saw her brother becoming a power house, focusing on his ability to fight physically, and only on that, since he had no magic.

As they got older, they started to train together, learning how to benefit each other on the battle field. Then it was a matter of making sure they could hold their own decently on the battlefield as well.

After that is was a matter of applying what they had learned to actual battle. Which she did, sometimes alongside her brother, sometimes not. She also made sure to at least in passing, meet the other N'Vaen who were keeping up with her and her brother in power and status.

Body Type: Curvy, slender.

Marks: She has a scar on her face from a previous battle, along with a tattoo just above her left eye.

Pictures: user posted image

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