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» Tanver Noblemane, [X] Human | Male
Tanver Noblemane



5Ft 10in, well trimmed chestnut beard and mustache. Average body shape, not overly muscular but toned. Short pony tail (less then neck length). Fancy clothes, a blue tunic with a brown vest and grey pants and leather boots. Wears a mithral breastplate over his vest and a furred cloak. Owns a full suit of basic armor but barely wears it.

Skilled at swordplay due to his years as a knight
Speaks fluent draconic and knows draconic word magic
Reiatsu manipulation (forcing it on the world and enhancing one's own strength)
alchemy skills
skilled smith and brewer. Able to enchant objects he creates
can play a 7, 6, 5, and 4 fingered lute with quite a lot of skill
voice as sweet as honey and as soft and smooth as silk

not to agile
anger issues (especial when insulted or people make jokes about him)

Tanver was born in Felnova to a knight and a scholar. from birth he was quite curious and his curiosity is what made him the man he is today. When he was 12 he became a squire under the same lord his father served under. After serving under Lord Greystone for 8 years he took a leave from being a knight and traveled about, learning various skills from many teachers, and at age 34 he returned to Felnova to find that Lord Greystone's knights had been sent to aid the Faction of Hope, which Tanver did aswell.

Mithral Brestplate
iron knight armor
iron longsword
large wagon pulled by two giant mules (Tucker and Carrots)
assorted alchemical creations and materials
traveling smiths tools

Healing Potions

a weapon of Tanver's own creation. it is a large hammer with draconic script carved around the head. a large magic circle (looks like a celtic knot) is carved into the hammer's face. The shaft is made of sikrin and the head is made of dragonsung steel. The hammer is enchanted with the power to create small earthquakes and is light as a feather.
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