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» Jakiru, [x] Half Orc/Half Demon | male


Half Orc Half War N'vean Demon

Studly, Jakiru stands at 7' 1" and his body is muscular and bulky. He has crimson skin, with a large black swirl mark painted on his left shoulder, chest, and back. He has brown shaggy hair and a mane that grows from his back to mid back. He has a half inch beard with sideburns, no mustache. He has 2 inch pointed ears and two sets of 6 inch horns, one behind the other, growing from his forehead. His eyes are orange and nearly glow, with a line pupil like a frog's eye, they seem to glow like fire. He has two 4 inch tusks and four two inch fangs, the rest of his teeth are sharpened. He has furred arms with sharp claws tipping his fingers.

In Tri'akun he takes the form of a jackal, bear, and sabretooth , with the teeth of a shark. He has a huge bear body like that of a van, with 6 legs, 2 jackal and 4 sabretooth. He has the head of a jackal with huge ears, his horns grow to a length of 3 feet and he gains two more eyes, all of which become wider. He has a sabretooth tail.

Short History
Jakiru is the son of a great orcish war general, second to the chief, and a demon who was enslaved by his father's army. When Jakiru's father was raiding he noticed a beautiful (by orc standards) woman who he kidnapped and enslaved, eventually he got around to siring a heir with the slave (not knowing the woman was a powerful n'vean demon in a human form). Jakiru, the result of this unholy union, was feared due to his more... prominent features. Eventually the boy matured and had his first of many fits of rage, in which he slew the entire tribe he was living with, then fled into the forest to try to control his anger, with nothing but his humongous sword, a cloak and pants, and his mother's dark grimore filled to he brim with demonic magic.

*Strong, like really strong.
*Extreme stamina due to Demon and Orc blood and swinging a giant sword constantly
*skilled in fighting with an Ultra Greatsword (anime greatsword)
*Due to demon blood has skill in Fire and Dark magic
*Can force his reiatsu into the world around him, when combine with dark magic can affect the minds of others
*Can combine his orcish rage and his demon Tri'akun to become insanely powerful physically
*actually 700 years old, has some knowledge. Immortality
*Knows M and Y runes
*Ultimate Bro if not trying to kill you 1

*Slow learner
*constant fits of rage
*likes killing things, alot
*War demon, must drink blood every so often or else he will go insane and die
*In Tri'akun he will hit the nearest living thing around him, including allies
*Ultra Greatsword is slow, easy to dodge, and meant for large targets
*magic takes alot of energy out him, more then most other casters, this is balanced by his higher then average stamina
*almost always trying to kill you 1
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