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» Afavos, [x] D'jinn | male
Afavos (Afa vose)


Warden D'jinn

Afavos has a very angular elderly face, his features are acute and sharp. He has piercing blue and yellow eyes. He has thin fur with a white mane and white fur around his eyes and on his chin, like all d'jinn his fur changes color to match his mood however the white fur doesn't change.

*Skilled in earth, air, and ice magic
*Skilled in enchanting, imbuing his reiatsu into objects
*Knowledge of all types of magic (doesn't mean he can cast all magic)
*Very smart
*Djinn Racial Abilities
Crafters of the clouds and travelers of the sky, d'jini can fly like eastern dragons without wings, and can run and stand on clouds that would not otherwise hold a traditional creature. They are very, very light, almost weightless, and can float and fly among the clouds with ease. Though d'jini may have any ability, all have the power to create and build out of clouds, fog, and mist; they can enchant and solidify clouds into solid structures, as well as separate the moisture from the air to create very small, brief, and localized rainstorms. Bits of cloud often clings to them as they pass, and 'shedding the clouds' has become a Ristellan saying for coming down from a joyous moment, such as a d'jini does when returning to the earth from the sky.

*Old (nearly 500 years old), prone to joint problems and other health issues
*overprotective of Fetiro
*weakened Reiatsu pool due to old age
*Enchanting objects permanently lowers his Reiatsu pool
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