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» Fetiro, [x] Avian | Male
Fetiro (Fett [as in boba fett] ee row)



Fetiro is a thin lanky young fellow. He hasn't matured much seeing as he is only 12 years old. He has dark red hair and eyes like tarnished gold. His wings are like a falcon's; red, brown, and white. He has two markings under his eyes and elven ears.

Fetiro stands at 4' 4” and weighs just under 89 pounds.

He wears a loose sleeveless tunic and a pair of baggy pants. He has a satchel bag that holds all of his belongings including his books, writing tools, and meals.

*Extremely Stealthy
*Agile and Fast
*Skilled in Summoning and Illusionary magics
*Has some basic abilities in earth magics and plant magics
*Able to enchant objects like his master
*quite smart
*Knows Vystriana like the back of his hand
*can fly at 30 miles per hour and is very mobile in the air

*physically weak
*barely any skill in other magics
*Magic drains him heavily
*knows next to nothing about the current news or any realms or lands aside from Vystriana
*He is a child and will be treated as such

Fetiro knows nothing of his parents or his old home, seeing them only fleetingly before his parents unceremoniously dropped him in the middle of the forest, alone. When he awoken from his nap in the scary dark forest alone he did the most natural thing he could think of, cry and scream his heart out. He attacked the attention of a wolf, which was preparing to devour the baby when Afavos intervened, saving the newborn avian.

Fetiro grew up learning all a normal child would from Afavose, how to read and write, math and science, but most importantly Afavose taught Fetiro magic. However, Afavose didn't teach him much history or nearly anything about the races of the realm. After maturing to the young age of 12 Fetiro decided he wanted to see the world, which Afavose approved of.

the clothes on his back
satchel bag:
*Arcane Syllabus
*Writing Tools
*half a loaf of stale bread
*3 apples

Enchanted Items:
Rocky the smol earth elemental -- enchanted by Fetiro as a test of his enchanting magic. A fist sized rock with a smiling face painted on it. The rock can speak telepathically but isn't too bright and moves by rolling or hopping. he can also control nearby pebbles to form a hand and fingers.

Hidden Power Necklace -- a moon shaped bone carving tied on a leather cord. this was a gift from Afavos when Fetiro finished his magical training. The necklace holds a small pool of magic that allows Fetiro to cast a single spell when exhausted or otherwise unable to use his own Reiatsu
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