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» Sar'versa, [x] Shar || Male
Name: Sar'versa

Age: 56 (Appears about 20)

Gender: Male

Species: Shar


Sar'versa is a rather tall and slim man, with long flowing straight brown hair, a neatly trimmed beard and plenty of scars which lie underneath his clothing. His eyes are like any shar's, with that ghostly glow being emitted from his pale orange iris. Having strong facial features, his jaw is strong ending with an almost pointy chin, which is covered up by his beard. His nose is hooked and his cheek bones are rather powerful, high up on his face. His ears are pointed at the tip, resembling to those of elves.

His build is strong, muscular and slim, giving him the look of a man who could easy ran at impressive speeds and go toe to toe with any beast his size. With this fit and brutish attitude in look, it is only completed by the multiple scares he has travelling across his body, including a few grisly ones such as; the one which travels up his left arm, from his elbow to the nape of his neck, obviously caused by some large clawed beast; and the two which reside on his back, creating a crude X shape, which appear to be created by blades, due to the swiftness and lines of the scars.

For average clothing, Sar'versa can be seen wearing cloth Brigandine, one which was made with individual steel plates under the cloth to protect from stabs, all while still being light. A black tricorn, or "unicorn hat", a grey scarf as well as boots.


Sar'versa is a thrill-seeker, driven by wanderlust and the thrill of the hunt. He is daring and cocky, willing to pull off a risky move if it meant he could win the fight. However that doesn't mean he is arrogant in his approach, he understands where the line of stupidity and risk is, even if others may not seem to think the same. His cocky nature does have the ability to get the best of him, causing him to take up fights he seemingly has no chance in, however with an mind set focussed on achieving his goal, once placed into a situation Sar'versa would fight with everything he got.

Although his thrill-seeker nature may drive some to see him as arrogant, Sar'versa believes in treating everyone of his hunters with the same respect, no matter class her status, as to Sar'versa that means nothing. He is a willing soul, who always wants to look for the best in people, and who is always there to lend a hand when needed.

Despite his good natured soul, Sar'versa is flawed in many ways. For one his thrill-seeker can easily place people in danger, and his willingness to sacrifice himself places him in a lot of unwanted danger. His cocky attitude causes fights, and his need to protect is sometimes his greatest downfall as he is to blame himself for something he had no turn in.


When hunting Sar'versa dawns on Cuirass and back plate over his Brigandine, a pair of plate gauntlets, plate Greaves and Poleyn. Wearing minimal armour like this allows Sar'versa to protect his most vital and useful parts of his body, Chest and torso, Arms and hands, and legs. Note his head is not covered by any armour, this is so Sar'versa has full visibility. His tricorn hat and scarf is still worn here, however.

As a weapon, Sar'versa has a bearded axe attached to the right his belt. The shaft of the axe is about thirty inches long, allowing for powerful swings with a decent amount of reach. Along the shaft of the axe are intricate carvings showcasing a skull closer to the head of the axe, and a flower by the base of the axe.

Strapped to his chest would be a knife, generally used for carving and cutting through foliage, rather than a weapon. It is rather simple, with one side serrated and the other smooth.

On the left of his belt is a simple steel buckler, not for the creatures he hunts, although using it as an occasional extra punch is useful, but for if other people wish to attack him.

Miscellaneous pieces such as; a leather water sack attached to his belt and a small pouch for anything he may need to keep hold of, also belong on his person.


With his abilities being those of the Shar, Sar'versa tries very hard to keep his powers under control, knowing very well, if he was to let go he could cause massive damage through raw magical power, and even kill himself in the process. Due to this, he covers up his hands and as much skin as possible, yet for whatever reason, the terrifying ability of the Shar, only occurs in his hands, allowing for some leeway around friends.

With the powerful ability of the Shar, Sar'versa found comfort in the elements and the power they had, and the beauty they made. Because of this, he found nature to be his most comforting place, and to some degree has a connection with it. It is because of this "connection" that allows Sar'versa to hunt so well, as it leads him to his prey.

Besides these powers, Sar'versa is rather lacking in abilities compared to other Shar, something he actually counts as a good thing.


When Sar'versa was born, he was given no name. He was born into the Shar as a male, and so he was to die, before he got a chance at life. However, as fate would have it, his story would not be so meaningless. Even though his mother did not care for his life, a young girl, who had only just finished her studies, did. She would of watched from a far, watching the bickering of the older Shar as they prepared to murder the child, terrified but waiting for her chance to strike. Come night, and this girl hand stolen Sar'versa from his death, wrapping him in a cloth and sending him off in a basket down a river as some fruitless attempt to let the child live longer. However, she would never be able to see this child grow up and return, as she was soon caught and dispatched with, but not before Sar'versa had gone to safety.

By some blessing of the gods, the babe in the basket had made it up to safety, passing a band of brothers as they set up camp by a river. One of the brothers, the youngest, had spotted basket and with curiosity burning, snatched it from the water. The youngest brother would return to his brothers, now holding the sleeping babe in his arms. It was that night, the child was given the name of Sar'versa

Years passed, and Sar'versa grew up with his brothers. Through out the years, the brothers had each taken there turn in looking after the child, each one of them showing their curiosity him. They would all make him laugh and play with him as they band of brother's travelled around the lands. The youngest of the brothers took the most liking to his new brother, finding him odd and interesting, wondering what it was that made his eyes glow with orange, or why he had the ears of elves. With time passing, they would all observe his odd link with nature, such as the one time he dragged his brother deep into the woods only to show them where a large amount of animals where, perfect for hunting. It was here he saw his first hunt. Sar'versa watched in awe as his brother's worked like one, and within moments had captured around half of the animals.

Later in life Sar'versa left his brother's, they had done well to him, but life had became lacklustre and his brothers had grown old, expect for the youngest but he had found love and settled. Sar'versa wished them luck, and his leaving was met with sadness and gifts. All of his brother's gave a part of themselves to Sar'versa, his axe, each individual piece of his armour, his hat, everything was there reminding him how he had a family out there, looking out for him.

As he grew older, Sar'versa travelled across the land, hunting down beasts for prize money and acting as an exterminator of sorts for your larger than average beast. It was enough coin to keep him going and drinking, however the real joy came from the hunt. The total thrill of it all, it made him stronger, and made him go further.

One night, Sar'versa awoke with his heart racing. The dead of night whispered cold words and threats to his mind as the walls of the room he slept in twisted forming devilish grins all across the wall. Then he could feel the floor crumbling beneath him, each slab of wood floor falling into nothingness. Then Sar'versa found himself falling as well, darkness surrounding him, stabbing him with cruel sensations of fear. Then as if a giant had just wrapped it's hand around his body, he felt crushed as he was suspended in the darkness. The feeling of drowning came over him as he screamed for air. Then as if all those events happened in one single moment, Sar'versa was back in his bed, sweating and terrified. A blinding light suddenly filled his gaze, as a face of a woman appeared in front of him. The woman was young and pretty, her silver white hair flowing in the air, as her pale eyes starred right back into Sar'versa's. He had no words, his tongue held back by some invisible barrier.

"Come... And hunt... Hunt for me, if you wish to be free."

The voice echoed inside of Sar'versa's head, as the woman didn't even move her lips. Terrified, the nightmare suddenly ended as he was left there in darkness. Wanting to believe it was all inside of his head, Sar'versa knew that wasn't true, this was something else. A curse, or a demon luring him in. However, whatever it was, it needed to end. These visions never stopped, even until this day, it is something which has lead Sar'versa to hunt more and more, as he could feel his sanity leaving his mind.
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