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 Sorsha Skull-Cracker, [x] Orc || Female
Name: Sorsha Skull-Cracker

Nicknames: Sorsh

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Race: Orc

Hair: Blue mohawk with a braid that reachs down to the back of her knees.

Eyes: Red

Height: 6'7

Personality: Sorsha is jaded towards those who are close to her, it's obvious to them that she keeps them at arms length, yet she fights like none other to protect them.

Powers/Strong Points: Her physical prowess is on par with that of a Warlord, but instead of being slow and big, she's actually agile and fast. She dual wields two swords, she crafted herself.

Weaknesses: The fact that she blames herself for her husband's death and keeps everyone away from herself now.

Clothes: She wears a brown tunic with an orange jacket, brown slacks, and brown leather boots. She has a green choker that was a gift from her late husband.

History: Sorsha grew up in the Doomspring Tribe, born into a farming family, with no status to speak of. Her father died trying to work his way up in the clan, with his dying breath, he made Sorsha promise she would raise their family through the ranks.

She immediately began training to earn her ranks within the tribe, earning status for her family. During this time, she met Dwilliom, another Orc who was training to also earn status within the Tribe. They started hanging out and became good friends, even training together, sometimes sending each other to bed rest.

Years went by and she and Dwilliom discovered they were in love, and they got married, and spent some happy years together, before the attack from the Order of The Raven.

She and Dwilliom both fought side by side in the attack, but she had started to become over powered, and Dwilliom had tried to save her, dying in the process, and taking down all but one of her assailants with him.

It was then that the fight ended. She has since earned her way into the Elite Guard, and now lives alone, with her elderly mother and her sister, Branka, the now Shaman of the tribe.

Body Type: Curvy and muscular

Marks: She has a scar across her face from when she was fighting against the order.

I'm a little tea pot short and stout, thi- hey, whoa, wait, it's not time to tip me over and pour me out!

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