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» Aku K'Nukl, [x] Naga/Air Elemental Hybrid || Male
(Art coming later)
Aku K’Nukl

Race: Naga/Air Elemental Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, though his First Mate can recall signing on under Aku more than 700 years ago

(Upright) Height: 7’5” (2.25m) (Full) Length: 18’ (6m) Weight: ~1200 lbs (550kg)

Alignment: Neutral Evil Profession: Pirate Captain and Wind Elementalist

Quirks: Trying to “attain his true form”, though he hasn’t the ability to prove anything about his past beyond tales of conquest once enacted. Strange penchant for sweets, especially hard candies. Despite his knack for words and manipulation, he’s exceptionally aggressive and prefers to settle disputes with steel before silver.

Appearance: Blue skin, scales take on an Aztec-inspired design (Lighter blue primarily, dark blue taking the form of straight lines, strings of three-sided squares( |_|⎺|_| <- Like that), some zig-zags, and bright yellow plumage ending with a darker orange at the edges of each feather. Four spouts of long plumage (2 behind the eyes about three inches, 2 about an inch outward and diagonally from the first) go halfway down his back, two shorter spouts come from about an inch above ear-level and shoot straight up and outwards. Two single feathers rise above each eye, a smaller inner one and a larger outer one, appearing almost flame-like. At his chin, too, sprouts several long feathers reaching below his ribcage. Nearly all-white right eye with a single black dot for a pupil. Left eye is normally covered by a simple black eyepatch, but when exposed is revealed to be a swirling orb of wind - attempting to peer past this and into his skull results in death, usually swift and painful.

Equipment/Apparel: Wields a naginata, and dons a simple steel-plated leather chestpiece to provide some protection to his upper abdomen without sacrificing mobility.

Abilities: Proficient wind element user, enjoys toying with opponents by manipulating the wind around his enemy while staying back out of reach, coiling his body to snap forward while either lunging or slashing with his naginata before recoiling to retreat and/or cast spells.

Aku believes himself to be an entity of god-like power, trapped within the body of a lesser being by forces unknown. For hundreds of years the pirate has sought out magic, poultices, rituals, even simple trinkets, all in an effort to elevate his body “back to its former glory.” Still striving for this, Aku has decided to simply gather everything he associates with power - gold, enchanted weapons, armor, jewelry, etc, well-bred slaves, etc., even political power is seen as another stepping stone to godhood.

Captains a flying pirate ship, *The Wind Rider*, similar to a frigate armed with a full broadside potential of 30 cannons.
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