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» Uma Shatter-Spine, [x] orc || female
Name: Uma Shatter-Spine

Age: 40

Gender: Female

Race: Orc

Role: Doomspring Chieftess

Alignment: Neutral Dark

Appearance: Uma is a 6ft 9 hulk of a woman. She is broad shouldered, tall, and heavily muscled, as you might expect of an orc. Her complexion is a warm sage green, and her tough skin is littered with battle scars, all of which she wears with pride. Her thick hair is auburn, and pulled back over the top of her head into a lengthy plait. The sides of her head are shaved. Her nose is strong, hooked, and crooked, her ears, classically pointed, are adorned with bone and gold jewellery, and her square jaw has an obvious underbite to allow for the growth of two large tusks.

Personality: Uma lives for a good fight. She values strength immensely and is ambitious, vicious, and bull-headed when it comes to a challenge. She has little time for cowardice and weakness, and will regularly push her pairbond’s tribe to become stronger.

Skills/Abilities: Uma is skilled with axes, both great and hand alike, but also favours a good spear and has also been known to enjoy using bolas to entangle the legs of her prey or opponents.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She can be rude and is hard to reason with, especially when she has little to no respect for the person trying to talk to her. She has no issue with her pairbond’s blatant racism toward elves.

History: Uma and Dulgrub grew up in the same tribe. They trained together, and Uma admired Dulgrub’s strength. As they grew older, they saw many battles together, large and small alike, and both parties found each other’s prowess complimentary, and they were drawn closer. When Dulgrub rose to power within the tribe, he chose Uma as his pairbond. It was a proposal she was only too happy to accept. The two soon welcomed a healthy child into the tribe, and, standing by his side, Uma helped Dulgrub lead the Orcs into new territory.

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