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» Mirabelle, [x] mermaid/kraken || female
Name: Mirabelle

Age: 1749

Gender: Female

Race: Giant Squid Moa’ana Mermaid/Kraken

Alignment: Light

Appearance: Mirabelle is a mermaid of an unusually large variety. She has eight long tentacles (with an additional, longer two that end in ‘clubs’ for purposes of grabbing and eating) which are capable of fluctuating slowly in colour depending on her mood. By default, they are royal blue, speckled with navy, though she is capable of a whole range of different colours. Her skin tone is a warm caramel colour, and her hair is black and very long; it has grown well past the small of her back. She has a youthful, fairly rounded face with well defined cheekbones, pointed ears similar to those of an elf, three gills on either side of her throat, and eyes with sideways pupils and irises that are either icy blue or warm honey gold in colour, again depending on Mirabelle’s emotional state. All in all, from her head to the end of her longer tentacles, she is a total length of 45ft. In her land form, she is a somewhat shorter 38ft, allowing her to look like a tall female Jotun.

Personality: In most things, Mirabelle is slow, and serene. She takes life at her own pace, viewing things with a wisdom that is becoming of her age; given the Kraken in her bloodline, she has lived much longer than the average for a merperson. Though she is far from young and has seen much life come and go, she is always curious to learn about the lives and cultures of others.

Skills/Abilities: Mirabelle can manipulate water to move as she wills it in rather large quantities due to her size, however she will rarely, if ever, use this as a means of attack - very little bothers her, and so she generally has no need to. If anything, she prefers to use it to calm excessively rough waters to save those sailing nearby. Like all merpeople, she also has the ability to change between her sea and land forms as and when she likes.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Purely because she is too large to use any tools that merfolk conventionally use, Mirabelle is not trained in the making and using of harpoons and the like as others are. She also lacks any particular ability in craftwork for the same reasons.

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