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 GROUP: The Doomspring Orc Tribe, Accepting new orcs!
The Doomspring Tribe

Location: The realm of Felnova on the isle of Nimravus. Settled on the Kotukk mountain range, east of Felidae.

Culture: The life among a Doomspring tribal in times of peace consist of working, training and hunting. There is little farming, however some animals are kept in pens within the village. When the tribe isn't training or working they may also be reveling, partaking in tribe wide feasts at the longhouse. The Longhouse is a place of congregation, where the orcs either partake in religious ceremonies, tribe meetings, feasts or can sometimes act as a trade hall.

The strongest and most militarily distinguished of all of the warlords is oftentimes chosen to become the chieftain if the previous chieftain and chieftess has died. Women are regarded in the same esteem as the men, both genders receive the same training, this also applies to chiefs and their succession. The first child of the chieftain is expected to inherit their parent's position if they have proved themselves on the field of battle. These children are rarely taken away from their training, enduring gruesome sparring sessions through all hours of the day.

Heirs often supersede their parent's abilities around their thirtieth year, although due to the fact that orcs are immortal they will typically only take their title after their parents have been slain in battle. There are acceptations however, sometimes a chief will step down for their child, other times the offspring will challenge their parent of their gender in a duel to decide ownership of the tribe. Any member can challenge the chief in fact, but a hide is not laid out.

Infighting between orcs is a daily occurrence as most disputes are expected to be ended with violence. The taking of another orc's life is somewhat more rare and is typically restricted to more serious offenses. The most serious insults include claims of heresy, the inability of the accused party to defend one's family, and the endangerment of a warparty by one's actions. If an orc is insulted in such a manner the hide or skin of an enemy is laid out at the entrance to the village or camp and the two disputing orcs will stand on the hide and duel with ceremonial daggers until one either remains alive or remains within the hide.

If the accused wins any claims of weakness shall be disregarded, however if heresy was the accusation he or she shall face the warchief/chieftess to state their case. If the accused does not show up to the duel then they are to be banished from the tribe, as cowardice is not tolerated, especially not such blatant acts of cowardice. If both survive but one loses they shall be deemed inferior unable to even die honorably and are expected to regain their honor among the field of battle. If the accuser does not arrive to the duel they shall have their ring finger taken from them and regarded less than a coward and forced to live among the outskirts.

Chieftain: Dulgrub Drow-Eater
Chieftess: Uma Shatter-Spine
Elite Warriors
Head Shamen
Outskirt Farmers

Goal: The goal of the Doomspring Tribe is currently to breed and grow their numbers to one day take rule over Nimravus. Their biggest project to date is to mine out their cave in Kotukk to span miles, where their clan will one day fully inhabit.

Village layout: The orcs inhabit the side of the Kotuuk mountain, east of Felidae. Their sphere of influence currently spreads to the very start of the Eromlog jungle. The Cave openings are protected by a wooden palisade wall which also contains many of the tribe's huts and buildings. Anyone below commoner status either lives within the mine or some choose to live outside of the palisade walls in hide tents. Anybody above the head shamen designation lives behind the walls in their own tents. This is currently a temporary arrangement until the mine is large enough to house all of the tribe.

Within the walls is a huge blacksmith shop where orcs cart any ores found from the mine to the shoppe. The slag is melted away and the metals are re-purposed into armors weapons and tools. A large hide covered kitchen sits against the longhouse and a root cellar is dug in the back, where any meat is stored for future use. Currently however trade specific buildings cant be found within the walls as the tribe is still expanding, upgrades are still required.

The weakest of the orcs live on the far outskirts of their territory and brew grog from yeast, molasses and sugar grown on the border of the jungle. These individuals stay far away from their kin because they're aware of their weakness and it is their shame. However hunting parties or war parties do sometimes take refuge among these interlopers for a night or two. Where their strength lacks their intelligence prevails and oftentimes these farmers act as watchmen and will light a signal fire if there is sign of an enemy approach. It is typical among these farmers to use their intelligence to tame the local beast population and use as their weapon.

Military: The tribe's military is often broken up into smaller militias operated by strategic warlords who demand nothing put pure loyalty from their servants. Underneath the warlords is an elite class of orcs whom are decorated in the most heavy armors and best weapons of the clan. The warlord's forces all have their own specific function, some for ranging and reconnaissance while others serve as the backbone to the army.

The army is almost completely composed of lightly armored infantry, with weak weapons. Horses have not yet been tamed and flying mounts have not been tamed. Spies have not been trained and there is currently a lack of warlords.

Current status: N/A
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This lesser group has been approved and accepted! Feel free to use them in-character and count them as canon. <3

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