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 Valistroan, [x] Dragon; Western || Male
Name: Valistroan

Nicknames: Val

Gender: Val

Age: 128

Race: Dragon; Western

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Deep blue

Height: 10'

Personality: Valistroan isn't quite vain or full of himself, though he can come off at times, as he is very confident, and he carries himself as such. However, he knows that his species is losing the fight against the Faction, and this is scaring him, though he doesn't show it.

Powers/Strong Points: He is able to use shadow element magic, and has a black fire breath.

Weaknesses: He isn't much of a physical fighter, and only has his fur to protect him physically, mostly relying on his shadow magic in both defensive and offensive combat.

Clothes: N/A

History: Valistroan was born ten years after the Queen Verridith, but he was a fast learner, and learned at an early age that he had an affinity for Shadow element magic, especially since his fire breath was black fire. As a fledgling he spent most of his time reading and studying up on Shadow Magic, and trained to control it, scared to harm any loved ones.

By the time he was 14 physical years of age, he had mastered his control over the Shadow magic, and had even begun using spells, training to use them in battle situations, but defensive and offensive.

He learned how to create shadow voids around himself as shields, then how to create a spear of shadow to throw at his enemies, and many other spells.

Since the war began he has taken up participating in the war for the Dragons.

Body Type: Lithe and slender

Marks: As they appear in the picture.

Pictures: Image made using Wyndbain's Dragonmaker on DollDivineuser posted image

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