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 Hydrangea, [x] Vystrian Wolf || Female
Name: Hydrangea

Nicknames: Hydra

Gender: Female

Age: 167

Race: Vystrian Wolf

Hair: As it appears in the picture

Eyes: Violet

Height: 3'8

Personality: Hydra comes off as tough and ragged on the dges to most other's upon first meeting, as she is not very trusting of anyone she does not know. But to those who know her, she's actually quite sweet and kind, and also very soft spoken, but that doesn't fool them.

Despite the overly sweet demeanor she shows those she trusts, she's tough as nails, ready to fight for her loved ones with everything she has, almost coming off as a demon when she's really angry.

Powers/Strong Points: Hydrangea can harness the element of Fire, creating fireballs, or even covering herself in fire to protect herself.

Weaknesses: Those she cares about, and when she has one, her mate. She will throw her own life in front of anyone else that she's close to.

Clothes: None

History: Hydrangea was born as a loner to a loner mother, who was killed for her pelt, and Hydrangea was saved by one of the same poachers who had killed her mother, but of course, she was too young to know any better. She was raised by the poacher, named Liam, he was a human.

Of course human's don't live nearly as long as Vystrian Wolves, as he started to get older, he told Hydra about her origins, telling her that he understood if she wanted to take her vengence upon him. Being the wolf she was, her idea of exacting vengence was not by killing him, instead, she told him that the worst punishment he could receive was being left by the pup he raised and claimed to love, and have to live out the rest of his days without knowing where she was, or whether she was alive.

And with that she left, breaking her own heart in the process. Liam had been a father to her for her entire life, so leaving him hurt her more than she would ever admit to him. She eventually found her way to the home of the Vystrian Wolves, where she has been roaming as a loner. She knows about the packs, but she has not had any reason to or want to join one of them.

Body Type: Slender

Marks: As they appear in the picture.

Pictures: Created by the artist Verridith. user posted image

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