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 Laxton, [x] Vystrian Wolf; Direwolf || Male
Name: Laxton

Nicknames: Lax

Gender: Male

Age: 120

Race: Vystrian Wolf; Direwolf

Hair: Laxton's base fur is black on the front half of his body, and lighter charcoal on the other half. His chest had white, and it becomes a shade of grey a bit further up and going down his stomach. He has red stripes on his back, his tail is black with white tips. He has charcoal grey stripes on his neck, and his ears have white and charcoal colores along the ends. His front paws also have what looks like basically white bracelets along the wrists of his paws.

Eyes: Golden

Height: 5'5

Personality: Laxton has proven himself to be compassionate and sweet towards all his pack mates, and those in need. He believes all Wolves are equal, and that everyone should be given a chance.

Powers/Strong Points: Despite being such a softy, he has full control of the Dark element of magic, along with being a Direwolf, he is very physicall fit and a force to be reckoned with in a physical fight.

Weaknesses: His pack. He is over protective of all of them, and were something to happen to them, he would put his life in danger ot save them.

Clothes: N/A

History: Laxton is a member of the elite guard, who, upon Yuna's disappearance, grieved as much as any of his pack mates. He had loved their Alphess like the rest of them, loving her ideals, and the way she treated all Wolves.

But now the pack was leaderless, and even he isn't sure what to do, but he has been trying his best to keep his pack mates confident that everything will come out right in the end.

Body Type: Muscular and large


Pictures: Art done by TheShadowedGrim on DeviantArt user posted image

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