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» Dulgrub Drow-Eater, [x] Orc || male
Name: Dulgrub Drow-Eater

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Species: Orc

Appearance: Standing at 7'11 and a whopping 300 pounds Dulgrub's skin is a tough greenish-gray. Covered in very severe looking scars Dulgrub's flesh is marred from head to toe in injuries his right cheek having a large chunk of flesh missing from an animal with three claws. From his left pectoral to his shoulder, neck and side of his jaw he has a very large and disfiguring burn mark. His bottom row of teeth stick out of his mouth and curl over his upper lip in a perpetual snarl. His hair is black, shaved on the sides with tribal tattoos showing and the top of his head is covered in deep black braids. He tends to either wear fur or bone garb gathered from fallen beasts.

Personality: As the resident warlord of the Doomspring Tribe Dulgrub retains a certain level of ferocity among his clan as he does in battle. Austere and violent Dulgrub demands nothing but fear and obedience from his tribe. There's very little goodness in the heart of Dulgrub, at least as far as the conventions most of Felnova holds dear. Dulgrub does however adhere to a strict code of ethics adopted by the rest of his people. Politics between Dulgrub and his tribe rarely end in a discussion he prefers to handle disputes with a fight. For all of his brutish tendencies he does have a certain level of intelligence that tends to exceed most of his tribe. Dulgrub is an excellent strategist and is willing to stand the presence of certain sentient beings, as long as they prove able warriors and do not come off as weak. As his title suggest he is vehemently racist against the native drow and more generally the elf people in their entirety. It is a primal hatred and impossible to overcome.

Abilities: Proficient in most every weapon put into his hands Dulgrub is a vicious warrior. Hunting is among his favorite sports, harvesting body parts is a close second. His thick skin makes for a perfect natural armor and very little pain is felt. Dulgrub's strength is unrivaled and his speed legendary. Berserker's rage.

Trades: Warchief

History: Born on a mountain camp atop Ramaloke Ridge Dulgrub spent the moment he was born honing his battle skills taking his first like around the age of ten. His tribe constantly descended the mountain and raided the villages of Vystriana The Order of Raven was a constant foe of theirs. The Order of Raven began to hunt for their camp sending spies up the Ramaloke mountains to discern their location, after the first couple of search parties were dispatched the order determined by the missing parties the tribe must be among the Ramaloke mountain range. In year 13028 the Order of Raven amassed a war party and began to ascend the mountain. The life of the Doomspring tribe was focused around battle, sentries littered the mountainside and horns sounded all the way up to the camp. Rocks were rolled down the mountain and arrows peppered their attackers. The order eventually penetrated the walls of the camp and after some heavy casualties among the tribe they prevailed. Their previous leader dead Dulgrub was named head warlord that night, already having distinguished himself in various raids the decision was finalized when he saved the lives of the right flank by cutting into the enemy's lines in a berserk rage cutting down ten men single handedly causing a conflict which would have been drawn out much longer to end in a swift victory. That night he was granted the honor of War chieftain and he made his first decree.

Dulgrub knew several Avians escaped and would return to Albronel in full force. A legion would befall them and he knew this location was compromised, he said as much during a council and told everybody to loot the corpses of the fallen and take whatever they could carry. Many of the orcs believed this was Dulgrub's cowardice and he was challenged immediately. He dispatched seven of his kin that night and made a speech. His speech explained that this move was not cowardice but bravery. They would thrive within the Continent of Death where the legions of man did not preside. The Continent of Death would now have a new force to fear. The tribe seemed to like the idea and they vacated their old camp. It took them a year to make it to the coast, steal boat and sail it to Nimravus, holding the crew captive to operate it. Dulgrub fought through the Eromlog Jungle and settled in the Kotukk Mountains, east of Felidae in a labyrinth large enough to house the entire tribe. The mountains were rich in minerals and since the day they arrived they've only mined out deeper tunnels, spanning half a mile as of 13030.
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