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 Star, [x] Rathar || Female
Name: Star

Nicknames: None

Gender: Female

Age: 97

Race: Rathar

Hair: Fur is midnight/navy blue.

Eyes: Frost blue

Height: 12' tall, 10' long

Personality: Star is very loving and caring, particularly towards dragons, given that her "brother" is a Dragon.

Powers/Strong Points: She is immune to magic, as all Rathar are. She is as strong and fast as a Dragon and as swift and agile as a Fox.

Weaknesses: Her love of Dragons.

Clothes: She wears a crimson red band around her neck, much like a collar, but isn't.

History: Star was born to a Rathar who had just woken up from her long slumber, but the mother didn't have proper strength, and wound up dying right after giving birth to Star.

Star was then found whimpering next to her mother's body by a dragon named Mezzerith, who had happened to be out exploring the woods around his families cave.

Star went home with him to find that he was the child to two larger dragons, and a brother to another female dragon, who all took her in and treated her as another child of theirs. However, with Mezzerith being her rescuer as a pup, she had a special bond with him, leading to her following him everywhere.

And when Mezzerith and his sister came of age and left their parent's nest, she went with him. She however stayed home whenever he would go see his sister during regular visits near their old home.

One time though, Mezzerith came back very angry, informing Star of their sister's death, and she began to share with him, the wish for vengence, against whoever had taken Simei's life.

Body Type: Fit and agile.

Marks: None


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