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» Patrin Chantri, [x] Faun || male
Name: Patrin Chantri

Gender: Male

Age: 86

Species: Faun

Appearance: Standing at 5'4 Patrin is slightly taller than most of his kin, with his long brown goat-like legs a well built foundation for his stature. Typically dressing in deep purple or dark green tunics his legs remain bare. Countless pieces of jewelry adorn his fingers and neck. Bracelets hang from his wrists and most of his tunics are even embezzled with gems. A pair of large curled horns sit affixed to his forehead, peeking from his deep brown short, sideswept hair. His chin sports a brown goatee matching his brown eyes. He's of an athletic build.

Personality: Patrin is no interloper in the Faun community. Much like his kin he sees the bright side of life, constantly laughing and singing. His biggest flaw is his mouth, he has no conception of social hierarchy and his timing is rather inappropriate. His wanderlust is insatiable and when he's not practicing his music on his way from one town to another he and his people can be found in pubs playing for drinks or food. Serious is not an emotion Patrin knows, even when someone close to him passes he plays them a tragedy, drinks and celebrates their life. He is optimistic that the spirit realm is a wonderful place far exceeding the wonders of this current life.

Abilities: Over the many years this life has granted Patrin he has learned a wide array of ballads. He has the ability to make plants grow with the addition to some verses to colossal heights, far exceeding their normal size, this is usually used defensively on things like roots and thorn bushes, sometimes however it is just for fun. Most of his spell ballads are used to increase the performance of another's such as the ability to give energy to a weakened spell caster or the song of power which fills anybody in earshot with a boost of vitality. Patrin's songs and incantations are not always so black and white however, with the ability of creating a ward or inducing healing only being half of his arsenal. His abilities far exceed this and can beguile a charging enemy into tears or entice an aggressive creature into merriment. Hunting is also among Patrin's abilities, however he does keep seeds he can grow at any time.

Trades: Song, dance, a proficiency in any common instrument, Archery

History: Patrin's history has been a nomadic one. He was born in a traveling caravan among a dozen other Fauns and his first words were said in a sing-songy manner, as it was what his young ears were most accustomed to hearing. By the tender age of four a lute was first put into his hand. He learned to laugh young and laugh hard. A Satyre was also among the group and took it upon herself to play with Patrin. Her name was Shelta and she was constantly playing lighthearted pranks on Patrin, when she wasn't playing more intricate pranks on the rest of the Chantri. Patrin only ever left his kin several times out for various reasons, but he always wandered back into the company of his family as they traveled from town to town, realm to realm. The group had even served in some minor wars, playing their ballads of strength and singing the wards of protection. Life for Patrin has been an exciting adventure, jolly and pure. His adventure also shows no sign of slowing down.
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