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» Krag Vannag, [x] werewolf || male
Name: Krag Vannag

Age: 125

Gender: Male

Species: Werewolf


Human Form

Krag is a tall man, far taller than his late pack now, about 6"8 foot, although even for a child compared to his brethren he was tall. Although never big, until recent years when he gained a bit of frame size. Now a days he is a rather handsome looking man, tall, lean and toned. clean shaven and rather neat cut coal black hair. A rather respectable look compared to his rather wolfish kind. His piercing blue eyes are comparable to those of sapphires and can give quiet a fierce look that pierces through one.

Much to how Krag grooms himself to look respectable, he dresses like it as well. Usually being seen to wear rather nice clothing. Stylish jackets of leather and furs, ruby red to snow white shirts, heavy boots perfect for long distances to well kept open sandals perfect for a day on the beach. Krag, although one for stylish and high end clothing, isn't one for flaunting jewellery and wealth around. His want to look respectable just causes a by product of expensive looking wears. Because of this, no jewellery or precious stones can be found in his pockets.

Wolf Form

Growing to the size of a small horse by the full moon, with prickly rough fur as black as coal and two huge hungry blue eyes, Krag's wolf form is one to rival those of the elders. Especially for his age, being very young compared to other werewolves. With terrifying teeth, each like sharp knives able to tear through flesh with ease. With a muscular build in wolf form, Krag is heavy, and therefore packs a heavy punch if one was to get charged at or leapt on.


Krag, for the beginning of his life was a spoilt brat who was far to proud for his own good, he would complain when something didn't go his way, and would full heartedly take up a challenge only to cry and moan when he lot fair an square. However over the years, after he had been subjected to real challenges, loss, failure, and having his pride broken on many, many occasions, he has matured, becoming into a far more respectable man. Nowadays, despite being a lone wolf for so long, he values his friends more than anything else, willing to place himself in the line of fire for them. He is someone who'd much rather have themselves be hurt and beaten down than his friends. He has learnt to use that pride of his for good, using it to not give up in some of the toughest situations. Joking around and trying to make sure people are happy and safe is far more of an importance than more material things. However, for all his good nature, he still prefers to use his free time on himself and material things such as clothing is something he likes, even if he can live without it. Over the years, Krag has caused problems for himself, such as, he usually becomes attached to things and people, and when something bad happens to a friend, he usually ends up blaming himself for it, even if realistically he couldn't of done anything. He also has a hard time holding his temper, especially if someone was to threaten the people he loved, in many cases like that, Krag would he the first one to fight back and be aggressive, however if one was to hurt a loved one of his, Krag would be looking for blood. Like a true feral creature.

Over the years of being alone, Krag has came up with many interests of his own. He is amazed by the powers of magic, and one of his main wishes is to explore every path it holds, learning the in and outs and where he could find more. It has been something that has always peaked his interest and something he's always lusted to find out more about. Besides his magic interests, Krag has found his interests in the history of the realms and there kingdoms, and the races they have. He finds a great deal of interest in there culture and history. Besides that, his interests lie within the realm of socializing and trying new things.

Portal Manipulation:

With his interest in the forms of magic, Krag found the form of magic which came to him easiest. The art of manipulating portals, rifts in the world that would open up a small or large gate way to another location. It was these rifts that Krag found the most interesting, because not only did they mystify him in there ability, he effectively had no way to explain it, yet it came to him so easily. With this ability, Krag is able to open small portals around him easily, with the flick of his wrist. This effortless opening of portals is only able to be done to the distance as far as he can see, and they are only big enough for him to fit his hand and arm through. If Krag wanted to open a large portal that could fit his whole body through, that would take far more energy and much longer, and if he wished to open a portal to another location entirely, that would take even longer and a lot of energy. Opening multiple portals at once and keeping them open, may not seem like a lot of effort, however after a while and with the portals kept open for a prolonged time and multiple opened, it begins to drain quickly.

Wolf Transformation:

With the ability to transform into his terrifying wolf form at will, Krag usually wishes not to turn into his ferocious self unless he needs to. However Krag was never one to truly gain an edge of his transformation, and with the loss of his pack and the years of being alone, his form can be dictated by a raw emotional out burst of anger or sadness. Although he had never lost himself to "The Wolf" whenever he transforms into his wolf on an emotional outburst, he fears he edges closer to truly losing himself. It is because of this Krag choses to not use his wolf form. However as all forms go, it does enhance his speed, strength, smell and hearing greatly, more so than what it's natural enhancements have done to his human form.


Krag started his life has a happy soul, abeit spoilt and prideful. He'd spend his early years playing with his brother's and sister's, besting his a few of his older siblings in there games and rubbing it in there faces, and crying when his older siblings would beat him with ease. Because of this, he usually got his way, as many of his siblings just didn't want to deal with his annoyance. However his eldest brother, Raka would of always took a liking upon Krag, and Krag was one who always looked up to his eldest brother. Looking upon him as a strong and kind person.

There where days when Krag would wine and moan about how he couldn't join his older siblings, his pack, when they all leave the gates of Sunfire to go on adventures to explore and hunt, and Raka would always promise to bring him back a soviener. Over the years of Krag's younger life, he collected many things, gifted to him by his eldest brother. He was gifted everything from the tooth, which Raka said came from an evil dragon who once wished to attack his pack, but instead of standing down Raka took a stand and eventually beat the dragon with his wolf form, taking his tooth as a trophie. To a small blade which Raka said came from a defeated group of bandits. These stories filled Krag's mind with a life of adventure, and only made him long to go with his brother.

Years passed and Krag, now older and strong enough to hold a blade, began to transform. The first full moon was hard and painful. He'd scream with the upmost terror and cry with emense pain as the form took place. When he finally transformed for the first time, he was a limping wolf, most of his brother's and sister's teased him for this, remarking about how all his cry and moaning would get him his way this time. With his pride shattered by no other than his kin, anger took over his wolfish form and something happened. He nearly lost himiself to the so called "Wolf" and his form suddenly grew in size suddenly becoming far more terrifying. In a blind rage of broken pride, Krag nearly attacked one of his kin, only to be knocked down to the ground and dispatched of within moments by a far greater and grey wolf. Raka. The next morning he would of woken up in a cold sweat only to find his eldest brother sitting by the edge of his bed. That morning there conversation was short, with Raka having a sense of worry and disapointment in his voice. This broke Krag's voice more than anything.

By the time Krag had reached fifty years of age, he had became far stronger, and had gained a grip on his wolfish form far more. Those days, Raka would train him and keep an eye on him, Raka would even mention how his wolf form was something that could rival his own. Those words of confidence from his older brother where what pushed Krag to do more. Eventually, Krag was permitted to hunt with his siblings, his pack. That night, they left through the gates of Sunfire, spears and blades strapped to there backs and belts. With one howl and transformation, they ran through the desert, looking for there prey.

That was the last time Krag saw his eldest brother Raka.

Cought in a heavy sandstorm, the pack became sperated, and with the sand hitting Krag's skin like billions of tiny arrows, he transformed back to a human in a move of fear. Calling out for his brother, he was met with nothing but the evil whip of the sand storm. He struggled through the storm for what seemed to be hours until he stumbled upon what seemed to be a mound of sand. Tripping over it, he took a look back only to find it was the body of eldest brother. He checked it for any signs of life, only to roll the body over and find his stomach, ripped to shreds and discarded. His eyes pricked with tears at the sight of his death brother.

A figure, huge and dark stood infront of him, with two wings opened up on it's back. For all Krag knew, it was a figminent of his imagine, a spawn of grief, or perhaps it was a true demon. But all Krag knew was, he was giong to kill it. Transforming into his wolf he attacked the creature in a blood thirsty rage.

Morning came and the storm had past. However when Krag woke up, there was no demon, the body of his brother was gone, save for a dent in the sand and specks of blood, and all of his belongings where gone, including his map home. With no way home he travelled in any direction he could.

Eventually a lot years had past, his travelling over the years had taken him to the Temple of Time, where, on his first enterance he was hushed due to the noise he made, however after a decent amount of time, they eventually helped him, giving him directions to the closest town. Fom there he travelled up to Majesty, which he discovered wasn't the greastest place for a man like him. However he choise to stay there for about a year, taking up odd jobs and hiding his wolfish form. Eventually he had made enough money to by some half decent clothes for himself and leave the area. He then travelled up to Godshome, however due to the area's enchantment, he left swiftly forgetting why he was there, so instead he made his way west to Albronel. It was here he settled for a while. Taking up a few jobs, and spending most of his time within the Keep and it's library. It was here where he learnt his facination with magic and the cultures of the world. After years of training with mages he gained hold of opening and closing portals, as well as learning a fair amount of dragon culture.

Albronel is where Krag has chosen to spend most of his time, living there alone and spending time studying the art of magic. However he is not opposed to travelling out of Albronel to vist other places. After all, he was never one to lose his taste for adventure.
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