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» Lithrix Lanchnam, [x] xeriin || male
Name: Lithrix Lanchnam

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Species: Xeriin

Appearance: Standing at 5'9 Lithrix is a Xeriin Forest Kin sharing the attributes with that of a Dingo. With honeyed blonde hair coming to shoulder length and dark amber iris' taking up most of his sclera. Lithrix's dingo features include a tail, tan on the top and golden brown on the underside. His ears are missing and a set of dingo ears colored tan on the outside and brown on the inside sit atop his head in their stead. Smaller characteristics reminiscent of his race include claws, canine teeth and a streak of fur running from his tail, up his spine to his neck. Lithrix's build is endomorphic befitting his average stature. He stands broad, planted firmly when in battle. Usually brandishing a boisterous toothy smile with sleepy heavily lidded eyes.

Personality: Lithrix is a walking contradiction. He spends near every night in revelry blowing his money at any gambling den, winesink, or brothel he can find. In the mornings (if he even awakes before noon) he finds himself without a home scavenging or picking up odd jobs. A lot of his time sober is spent trying to make the lives of whatever community he finds himself in better. Whether it's taking in refugees and spending his last jaden to feed them or teaching survival skills to the newly dispossessed and helping strangers with jobs who can't otherwise afford a laborer Lithrix has a heart of gold behind a soul set on revelry and has big plans to help Xaeri when he's got enough drink in him. He attributes it to his race's origins. He's not quick to pull a weapon but is somewhat of a charismatic scamp. Talking his way in and out of trouble. Underneath all of this is a man with a dark past running from shame, occasionally finding himself experiencing apathetic episodes whilst sober. These episodes are reminiscent of PTSD . It's obvious he's a tribal as his grasp on the Lai'sen tongue isn't what it should be.

Abilities: Lithrix possesses a mixture of both power and speed. Stamina and bows are not Lithrix's friends and magic is entirely lost on him, unable to even open a portal, the most he can do is construct an effigy or shrine and pray. When he fights he tends to use flank based combat with a bone spear in hand. Charging in from an angle striking and retreating into brush. He's amazing at throwing weapons however and javelins usually adorn a sack on his back. His spear he throws a leather sack over the tip and uses as a walking stick.

Trades: Wilderness survival, some alchemy, some woodworking, proficient in fashioning crude but stable weapons and wooden/bone trinkets, carpentry and mason work are among his most common jobs.

History: Lithrix grew up in the Traicun tribe of Xaeri. The tribe was composed only of dog like Xeriin with several bloodlines. The Lanchnam were comparable almost entirely to dingos, whereas their cousins to wolves and wild dogs. Each bloodline controlled a different terrain in their territory without any wrangling. The Lanchman the planes atop the foothills. Lithrix grew up learning basic primitive skills, learning the Lai'sen tongue second to the tribe's as they were not cut off from the outside world. One day Lanchman spotted fire near to their kin. So they set out in force, to investigate. The scene was a bloodbath enemy rangers to Xaeri were spotted and began laying waste to the clan. The ensuing fight left Lithrix dispossessed at the age of seventeen, fleeing the scene after most of his kin had fallen. He traveled Xaeri from then on, sticking to the wilds until being found by a rogue who took him in as his companion, unfamiliar to Xaeri's terrain. It is in this human's companionship where Lithrix found his taste for ale. The rest of his adventure... tended to be a blur.
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