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 Ji'har, [x] werebeast || male
Name: Ji'har

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Original Werebeast (Turned kitsune)

Alignment: Dark

Appearance:Ji'har is a large werebeast, built much like a cross between a gorilla and a fox, with long, heavy forelimbs, and more slender hind legs. His facial features are thick and powerful, but still possess some fox-like traits, especially evident in the overall shape of his muzzle, and long, pointed ears. Blood-red eyes stare out from his head, and four long, heavy horns adorn his head. Two of these curl back, down, and forward, much like those of a bighorn sheep, while the other two resemble those of a water buffalo. Nine long, vulpine tails extend from his hindquarters, and he is covered in red-brown fur with silver markings on his spine and brows. His belly is a pale tan color. His kitsune nature allows him to take on a more humanoid form than most of his kind, but this form retains many of his bestial traits.

In this humanoid form, his hands retain long, retractable claws, and sharp fangs peek out from his mouth. His legs remain much the same, and all nine of his tails remain on display, as do his vulpine ears. Orange fur adorns his jawline, shoulders, and down his spine.

Personality: Ji'har is unhinged and often violent, but still possesses a twisted code of morals. Unless he's in the throes of a violent frenzy, he won't go after those who can't defend themselves, or have any hope of escaping him. To those who might stand a chance of escaping, he tends to give a head start to make the chase more interesting.

His most prominent personality trait is his obsession with pain. While he takes sadistic glee in tearing his prey, or his foes, apart with his fangs and claws, he derives equal pleasure from any wounds they may inflict on him in turn. As a result, he greatly enjoys finding opponents who can fight him on more equal terms.

Skills/Abilities: He is exceptionally strong and fast, with extremely quick reflexes augmented by the near-clairvoyant level of awareness he gained as a kitsune with nine tails. His fangs and claws can tear through almost anything, and his love of inflicting and receiving pain makes him an extremely dangerous foe in melee fights.

He is skilled with dark magics, and still retains his skill with illusions. Further adding to the danger he poses is his pain-fueled healing abilities. The more pain he feels, the faster he heals, to the point where the most agonizing of injuries will heal nearly instantaneously.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His reckless, frenzied style of fighting often leaves him open to feints and tricks, and he will often entirely neglect to even try to defend himself from attacks. Conversely related to the potency of his healing abilities is how draining it is. While he could purge the toxin of a silver blade or arrowhead from his body and survive, the effort would drain him and leave him largely unable to even move, if he didn't pass out entirely.

History: Once a valiant champion of the Ten, Ji'har gained the favor of the gods, Leartes in particular, with his actions. This included the eventual rewarding of his ninth tail. However, his long, successful life left him overconfident, a trait that was only bolstered by earning his ninth tail. This overconfidence led him into a fateful confrontation with a group of werebeasts.

He was bitten and infected, turning into one of the very beasts he had set out to hunt. The experience drove him mad, and in his madness, the injuries he inflicted upon himself and others as he struggled to come to terms with his new reality warped his mind until he was obsessed with pain, whether it be giving, or receiving.

Now, he spends his days wandering, seeking worthy foes, and occasionally raiding settlements, no longer caring about the affairs of the Realms.
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