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» Haruna, [x] kaveri || male
Name: Haruna

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Kaveri Raptor

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Haruna takes after a falcon in general appearance, with large, glossy, dark eyes set in a rounded head covered with dark grey feathers. A patch of white feathers marks his throat, and bright orange feathers adorn his chest and legs. Dark grey feathers cover the back of his wings and tail, as well as his back, while dark grey feathers mottled with white cover the front of his wings, midriff, and tail-feathers. His beak is dark grey, with a bright yellow stripe circling its base where it joins to his head. His feet are a yellow-orange shade. He typically wears a hardened grey leather tunic backed with black silk, fastened around his waist with a dark brown belt, with a bright red sash draped over his left shoulder and running across his body to drape beside his right hip.

Personality: Haruna is fierce but level-headed, a near-perfect balance between aggressive and analytical. His avian features make his already typically stoic demeanor all the harder to read. He is rigidly disciplined of mind and body, and devotes much of his time to homing his mental and physical skills. He has cultivated a highly strategic mindset and a deep understanding of military maneuverings.

Skills/Abilities: Like all of his kind, Haruna is skilled with using his hands, feet, beak, and talons as weapons, typically engaging in a fighting style that emphasizes fast, hard strikes and swift movements to evade or redirect blows against his person. Unlike most of his kind, however, he has practiced extensively with various weapons and can incorporate their use into his fighting style. Perhaps his greatest ability is his highly strategic mind, which allows him to maintain a high level of awareness of his surroundings.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He lacks magic of any kind, and any natural defense against magics aside form his high agility. His pride in his fighting skills together with his aggressive nature can lead him to remain in a physical fight even when prudence would dictate a withdrawal is in order. This aggressive mindset can also be rather off-putting to others.

History: Haruna has fought in a number of battles in the past, and in between conflicts, often served as a bodyguard, and occasional bounty hunter. He has spent much of his life on Felnova, and on more than one occasion fought on behalf of Vystriana in some of the recent wars. However, over time, he has come to the belief that the ruling dragons are the part of the cause of some of those wars, and decided to join the Faction, even though he disagrees with many of their beliefs and ideals.
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